Best Places to Work Brochure
Best Places to Work Brochure

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Award Badge
BPTW Award Badge

If you represent an agency or subcomponent that participates in the Best Places to Work rankings, you can download our official Best Places to Work award badge for use on your website. Please link the award badge back to so your site visitors can learn more about your organization and the rankings.

If you have questions about the use of the award badge, please contact us.

Media Inquiries

If you are member of the media and would like more information about this program, please call the Partnership for Public Service at (202) 775-9111 and ask to speak to our Media Relations Director.

Best Places to Work in the Federal Government®

Designed to help a broad audience of government leaders, employees and job seekers, the 2013 Best Places to Work in the Federal Government® rankings drew on responses from more than 376,000 civil servants to produce a detailed view of employee satisfaction and commitment across 371 federal agencies and subcomponents.

Employee satisfaction and commitment are two necessary ingredients in developing high-performing organizations and attracting top talent. The Best Places to Work rankings are an important tool for ensuring that employee satisfaction is a top priority for government managers and leaders. The rankings provide a mechanism to hold agency leaders accountable for the health of their organizations; serve as an early warning sign for agencies in trouble; offer a roadmap for improvement; and give job seekers insights into how federal employees view their agencies.

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Best Places to Work Agency Services

Employee satisfaction is a key component of high-performing organizations. Across our federal government, agencies face demanding goals and calls for greater efficiency. Your agency needs an engaged and committed workforce to meet these challenges. On this page, you will learn about services the Partnership offers to assist agencies in becoming or remaining a best place to work.

Please contact Monica Linhardt at or (202) 464-2692 for more information.

Complimentary Senior Leadership Briefing

Request a free briefing on the Best Places to Work results for your agency, including the results of our report, “Ten Years of the Best Places to Work in the Federal Government® Rankings: How Six Federal Agencies Improved Employee Satisfaction and Commitment”. The one-hour agenda includes:

  • Agency data review
  • Best Places to Work history and methodology
  • Leading practices across government
  • Q & A
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Custom Agency Services

Custom Data Analysis
Receive guidance to master the Best Places to Work data and use it to focus attention and limited resources on specific action areas. We:

  • Provide custom data sets based on your agency’s specific needs and interests, providing trends over time and comparisons to other agencies
  • Help you use the data to advance your objectives and improve employee satisfaction by identifying areas for improvement

Employee Engagement Action Planning
The creation of an engaged, productive workforce does not happen by accident. Successful agencies have a well thought out plan. Yet, it can be difficult to know where to begin, and harder still to tackle it alone. Partnership experts are available. We will guide your agency through every aspect of improving organizational culture and support you in every phase of the process. We provide:

  • Leadership strategy sessions
  • Guidance in crafting an internal communications strategy
  • Facilitated employee listening sessions
  • Action Planning workshops
  • Evaluation support to assess the impact

Action Planning Facilitation Training

This two-day training program offers participants a hands-on approach to action planning designed to improve employee engagement and drive agency performance. Graduates will have the skills necessary to successfully conduct their own workshops that specifically address their agency’s unique challenges.

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Employee Engagement Online Training Series

This 3-part online training series is designed to provide frontline supervisors and managers with research-supported, actionable steps to help improve employee engagement through appreciation, communication and empowerment.

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