Federal Student Ambassadors Program

Ambassadors brochure
If you are interested in learning how your agency can leverage the Partnership's Federal Student Ambassadors program, please contact:
Emily McConnell
(202) 775-3142

Build a top talent pipeline for your agency

Government must develop innovative and creative approaches to educate and inspire the next generation of talent to pursue federal opportunities. Using the power of peer-to-peer recruiting, the Federal Student Ambassadors program is a proven way to target critical student populations and increase their interest in and knowledge of federal agencies on college campuses.

Through peer-to-peer outreach—combined with the Partnership's proven methodology of selection, training, coaching and monitoring—the Federal Student Ambassadors program leverages students' consistent on-campus presence and intimate knowledge of their campus culture to actively brand and promote opportunities with an agency.

Benefits of student ambassadors

  • Build brand awareness and establish your agency as an employer-of-choice on select campuses
  • Access key student groups with a high population of mission-critical talent
  • Ensure students with mission-critical skill sets are knowledgeable and interested in student and entry-level opportunities at your agency
  • Maintain a consistent on-campus presence
  • Build long-term relationships with key campus faculty and staff
  • Continue to engage top-performing interns so they return to the agency for another internship or full-time job

How it works

Identify Top Interns

Interns are uniquely qualified to be advocates for your agency when they return to campus. Based on competencies that make a successful ambassador, as well as criteria rooted in your agency’s hiring priorities, the Partnership selects interns that are best suited to be passionate and effective promoters for your agency.

Customize the Program to Your Agency’s Needs

The Partnership structures the program based on your agency’s identified hiring needs. Whether your agency wants to increase diversity, promote particular positions, target underrepresented populations (such as student veterans or people with disabilities), or seek out individuals with specific mission-critical skill sets, we equip ambassadors to further your hiring goals.

Provide Training and Professional Development

Working with the agency, the Partnership gives ambassadors the tools they need to successfully promote your agency on their campus. We provide intensive summer training, agency webinars, professional development and one-on-one coaching. In addition, we continuously monitor the ambassadors’ progress against your agencies’ goals to ensure optimal return on investment.

Ongoing Campus Presence

Using knowledge of their campus culture, ambassadors coordinate strategic outreach to students with mission-critical skills or backgrounds and raise awareness of opportunities at your agency by hosting events, conducting marketing activities and meeting with student leaders. In addition, their everyday access to key faculty and staff builds the foundation for long-term relationships with their campuses.

Agency programs

As limited hiring and budget cuts impact agency operations, it is critical that agencies strategically align recruitment efforts with their talent needs and conduct strategic outreach for their student and entry-level opportunities. The Partnership is poised to use our expertise, networks and experience to help your agency gain a tactical recruiting advantage. Implemented in a variety of multifaceted ways, the cost-effective and innovative Federal Student Ambassadors program is already creating direct talent pipelines and producing measurable results for a number of federal agencies.

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