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98 percent of participants recommend our seminars to a colleague
94 percent of participants say the seminar content was effective at increasing their skills
99 percent of participants found our facilitators to be highly effective

Annenberg Leadership Seminars

With a focus on the practical application of classroom lessons, our two-day Annenberg Leadership Seminars develop participants' leadership skills and help federal agencies build the long-term, in-house capacity to innovate and solve management problems.

Continuing Education Units: 1.5

Two-day seminar cost: $995

Location: Washington, D.C.

2014 Seminars


Driving Innovation

Are you looking for new approaches to problem solving at your agency? This workshop will present best practices from the public and private sectors and enable you to develop solutions to real challenges you face at your office. Throughout the two days, you will learn how to:

  • Identify and understand root causes
  • Brainstorm potential solutions
  • Test ideas on a small scale to earn support
  • Scale and spread proven ideas

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Registration for the session will open soon.

Recommended for
GS-12 to GS-14

August 26-27 and October 29-30, 2014

Motivating and Leading People

Whether you are a seasoned manager or a first-time supervisor, this two-day seminar will help you strengthen your skills around:

  • Motivating and coaching your employees
  • Delivering effective performance feedback
  • Adapting your leadership style to fit the needs of your team

In addition to strengthening the above skills, the seminar will conclude with an extensive action-planning component to assist you in applying lessons learned to your job.

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Registration for the session will open soon.

Recommended for
first- and second-line supervisors

September 11-12 and November 13-14, 2014

Leading From Your Level

Are you looking to make a difference at your agency? Rising leaders often have difficulty defining their role and maximizing their contribution. This two-day seminar will introduce you to techniques for getting results, regardless of level, by:

  • Understand and capitalize on your unique strengths
  • Define and expand your role in your agency
  • Establish credibility
  • Influence and communicate with leaders and peers
  • Build a network to support your job specific- and
    career goals

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Registration for the session will open soon.

Recommended for
GS-9 to GS-12

October 2-3, 2014


*In-house training is also available upon request.

Our Approach

Leaders learn best by doing. We invite participants to bring challenges they are currently facing on the job into the classroom. We then help each participant create an action plan to improve their performance and we provide ongoing guidance after each seminar to ensure the implementation of lessons learned. With this emphasis on action, we help translate classroom lessons into results.

Seminar participants will:

  • Learn how to apply best practices from the public and private sectors
  • Participate in interactive class discussions and exercises
  • Reinforce class lessons by creating an action plan to address real-time challenges
  • Receive after-class support from Partnership staff after classes to ensure implementation

A Network of Support

Applying classroom lessons on the job requires practice and reinforcement. What sounds easy conceptually is often hard in reality. To help participants work through these challenges, participants in the seminars are invited to join the Center for Government Leadership’s network of rising leaders. Through events and online forums, participants will learn from their peers across government.

Registration and Payment

Participants may register in one of two ways:

  1. Online through our website (please select the seminar of interest to you and click on the "Register Now" link). When registering online, you may opt to pay with credit card or request an invoice to be sent to you.
  2. Directly with the Partnership by contacting Kevin Brady at or (202) 775-6880. We can process credit cards over the phone or issue an invoice to be paid by check or money order.

The training and billing address for the Annenberg Leadership Seminars is:

Partnership for Public Service
1100 New York Avenue NW
Suite 200 East
Washington, DC 20005

For additional information on the payment process or completing training forms (e.g., SF-182), please visit our FAQs or contact Kevin Brady at (202) 775-6880 or

Contact Information

For more information, please visit our FAQs or contact:

Kevin Brady
Program Manager, Center for Government Leadership
Partnership for Public Service
(202) 775-6880

This program is made possible in-part by the generous support of the Annenberg Foundation.

The Partnership for Public Service is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that works to revitalize our federal government by inspiring a new generation to serve and by transforming the way government works.