The Partnership provides the tools, the research and the support you will need. You set the agenda; you determine which problems to tackle; you reap the rewards.
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Federal Human Capital Collaborative

From hiring and retaining an effective workforce to assessing and rewarding performance, federal managers must deal with challenges that are complex, numerous and ever-changing. Solving human resources problems require in-depth research, focused collaboration and shared expertise. Working on these issues collectively is not only better than facing them alone—it is absolutely necessary.

The Partnership for Public Service’s Federal Human Capital Collaborative is a problem-solving community of agency HR leaders with the goal of transforming the way government works through  innovation and strengthening policy.

Our Approach, Your Reward

The Collaborative offers a unique opportunity for HR leaders to share and access the tools that they need to address the problems of federal human capital management. Agency HR leaders come together at the Partnership to:

  • Collectively identify critical issues
  • Share best practices
  • Develop strategies to effect change across government and within individual departments and agencies
  • Provide input on the Partnership for Public Service’s research agenda
  • Build interagency relationships

Empower the Next Generation of HR Leaders

Each year Collaborative members may nominate at no additional cost from two to 12 HR staff members (depending on agency size)  for the Emerging HR Leaders Forum—a one year professional development program for high-potential HR professionals who are in the early stages of their federal careers. Participants meet monthly in a facilitated peer-exchange environment, discuss topics of interest with subject matter experts and engage in interagency results projects.

Popular forum topics include:

  • Effective performance management
  • Recruiting, motivating and retaining top talent
  • Organizational change strategies
  • Taking charge of one’s own professional growth

Collaborate with Cross-Sector Federal Human Capital Managers and Experts

During quarterly meetings, Collaborative members meet with  experts from the federal, academic, nonprofit and private sectors.

Shape, Access and Apply Cutting Edge Research

Collaborative members provide input on the Partnership’s research agenda and receive custom research and analysis from the Partnership’s Best Places to Work in the Federal Government® program, an ongoing research effort that has led to improvements in employee engagement and commitment for federal agencies.

Influence the Agenda for Regulatory and Legislative Reforms

The Partnership plays an active role in identifying and advancing changes in law or regulation to strengthen the civil service and improve the federal HR profession. Collaborative members help identify and set priorities for change, and the Partnership provides a nonpartisan, objective voice for the federal HR community.

Gain New Tools to Recruit and Retain Critical Talent

The Partnership’s Call to Serve network of more than 750 colleges and universities works to promote federal service on campus. Collaborative members receive priority access to this network as a tool for recruiting top talent for entry-level jobs and internships.

Receive Discounts on Partnership Services

Collaborative members are eligible for significant discounts and fee waivers on reimbursable services from the Partnership, including a discount for the Partnership’s Best Places to Work interagency and custom workshops and free Best Places to Work webinars and data analysis. Collaborative members also are invited to exclusive events, including research report releases, effective hiring workshops and our Events of Excellence panel discussions on topics of interest to federal leaders.

Participating in the Federal Human Capital Collaborative

To learn more about membership in the Federal Human Capital Collaborative, click here or contact Lindsay Laferriere at or (202) 464-3091.

The Partnership for Public Service is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that works to revitalize our federal government by inspiring a new generation to serve and by transforming the way government works.