About the Private Sector Council

No organization faces more complex management issues than the U.S. government, and solving these immense challenges requires tapping into America's best management expertise from the public and private sectors. The Partnership's Private Sector Council (PSC) is a group of private sector firms committed to help government become more dynamic and innovative to deliver the solutions that the times demand.

As PSC members, companies learn about the cross-management issues facing government through participating in Partnership-hosted events and interacting directly with federal executives. While learning more about the key challenges facing government, corporate executives inform their own business and provide valuable insight into how government affects the private sector and how it can help improve the business of government.

History of the Private Sector Council

In 1983, President Reagan convened the Grace Commission to devise ways to generate government savings, increase government efficiency and reduce the deficit. In an effort to carry forward the Commission's work, David Packard and William Onsted led a group of executives in forming the Private Sector Council. Their message: businesses exist not just to make a profit, but to make a difference.

For more than 20 years, the PSC allowed business and government leaders to come together and tackle our nation's biggest challenges. Through the PSC, members helped complete more than 400 projects in government, ranging from digitizing the food stamp program to developing a pay structure for the Iraqi civil service.

In 2005, the PSC became a program of the Partnership for Public Service. While the PSC is no longer project-based, members can stay closely connected to leading experts on government reform and network with federal leaders through the Partnership's programs and events.

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