Develop Strong Leaders

Our Goal

Career and political leaders are prepared to deliver results by building strong teams, driving innovation and working across boundaries.

The Challenge

Leadership is the most important factor influencing federal employee satisfaction, commitment and, ultimately, government performance. Today’s government leaders are being asked to reimagine operations, function with fewer resources and continually find new ways to tackle complex challenges.

It is important that we have an agile workforce that can work across boundaries and collaborate to meet our government’s most pressing issues, yet many leaders are unprepared for the demands they face.

Our government also needs to develop a pipeline of future leaders, particularly as more members of the Senior Executive Service become eligible to retire.

The Opportunity

Today’s federal leaders need to be mission-driven, creative problem-solvers who are prepared to manage a workforce of 2.1 million employees. By strengthening leadership skills at all levels, we can change the culture of government and enable leaders to empower their employees, measure progress, hold people accountable and deliver results.

Our Work in Action

Our leadership programs prepare federal leaders to deliver results by building strong teams, creating a culture of innovation and working across boundaries. Mirroring the best, most effective practices across sectors, our leadership programs provide a combination of coursework, collaborative projects, executive and team coaching, as well as site visits to some of our nation’s most respected organizations.

To accelerate the ability of new political appointees to lead in federal government, we developed our Ready to Govern curriculum withing the Center for Presidential Transition. It brings new appointees together for interactive sessions focused on ethics, the federal budget, working with career employees and other important topics.

We also are collaborating with agencies to design tailored programs to strengthen their leaders and improve organizational effectiveness, including a joint effort to transform the cultures of the departments of Education and Labor by bolstering leadership at all levels.

Every year, our programs strengthen nearly 3,000 leaders solving national challenges and 98 percent report using lessons learned to become more effective leaders. According to their supervisors and direct reports—who evaluate participants’ leadership competencies on a five-point scale before and after the program—participants improve a full point.

Since we began our work at the Department of Education in 2010, its Best Places to Work in the Federal Government® scores for supervisors increased 7.7 percent, even while government-wide scores have declined. In fact, the department was the most improved mid-sized agency in 2013.



Federal Workforce Day with the Washington Nationals
May 24

Join us at Nationals Park for their game against the New York Mets. In addition to offering discounted tickets for government employees, the Nationals and Partnership for Public Service will coordinate a special tribute to public servants in attendance.

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National Security Risks During a Presidential Transition
May 24

This discussion around the steps the presidential candidates need to take today to ensure our country’s safety and security will be moderated by former Under Secretary of Defense Michéle Flournoy.

Employee Engagement Online Training Series
May 24, 25 and 26

These online training sessions are designed to provide frontline supervisors and managers with research-supported, actionable steps to help improve employee engagement.

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Federal Enterprise Risk Management
May 26

The livestream of this special event with the Office of Management and Budget will broadcast a discussion on Circular A-123, which updates guidance on agency internal financial controls and establishes new requirements for enterprise risk management.

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Call to Serve Virtual Federal Advisor Training Series.
June 15, 22 and 29

These interactive webinars for college and university advisors help participants gain a better understanding of the federal hiring process, learn how to advise students on federal opportunities and build meaningful agency relationships

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Excellence in Government Fellows

The Partnership’s Excellence in Government Fellows program is tailored to the leadership needs of senior-level public servants. It combines the best in leadership coursework, interactive projects, networking and executive coaching over several sessions throughout the year. It also meets the interagency training requirements for OPM-approved candidate development programs.

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Custom Leadership Programs

Agencies face unique workforce challenges and have differing leadership development needs. The Partnership will build a custom, mission-driven program tailored to an agency’s needs. We have a team of skilled facilitators and coaches who have extensive experience working with employees and senior executives across government to address enterprise-wide challenges. The Partnership provides a full spectrum of services including data analysis, action planning, seminars, year-long leadership programs, executive education and training, assessments and coaching, and team building and facilitation.

For more information about our custom programs, contact Catie Hargrove at

Center for Presidential Transition

The Partnership’s Center for Presidential Transition helps ensure the efficient transfer of power that our country deserves. The Center’s Ready to Govern® initiative assists candidates with the transition, works with Congress to reform the transition process, develops management recommendations to address our government’s operational challenges, and trains new political appointees.

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Strategic Advisors to Government Executives (SAGE)

The Strategic Advisors to Government Executives, or SAGE, program connects senior-level executives in government with their predecessors and private-sector counterparts. SAGEs share knowledge, ideas and best practices to help federal C-suite executives transform government and improve its performance.

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Delivering Outcomes for Communities

The Partnership’s Delivering Outcomes for Communities course provides federal staff from regions and headquarters with new skills and perspectives to improve outcomes for communities. Participants in this unique three-day program will share experiences and learn tactics for assessing the challenges communities face.

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Executive Master Class

The Partnership’s Executive Master Class helps prepare aspiring leaders for the Senior Executive Service. Over the course of four months, the program will reinforce Executive Core Qualification knowledge and addresses challenges unique to government leadership through illustration and application.

We are now accepting applications for our Executive Master Class. Learn More

Federal Human Capital Collaborative

The Federal Human Capital Collaborative is designed to create an active community of federal managers and human resources professionals that will identify cross-cutting challenges and work collaboratively and systematically to solve them on behalf of our nation. It convenes member agencies to participate in research, share best practices and devise government-wide strategies to address the challenges identified by our member agencies as most critical.

How to Participate

Emerging HR Leaders Forum

The Emerging HR Leaders Forum is a professional development program for federal human resources practioners seeking to develop the skills and perspective necessary to take on future leadership roles in government. HR emerging leaders learn with, and from, their peers through facilitated dialogues with subject matter experts and challenging team projects. The Emerging HR Leaders Forum helps HR professionals move beyond technical expertise to develop leadership potential.

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Leadership Excellence in Acquisition Program

The Leadership Excellence in Acquisition Program is a year-long professional development program focused on strengthening the leadership skills of federal acquisition leaders. The acquisition-focused curriculum of innovative coursework, peer collaboration, real-world case study analysis and facilitated dialogue with industry leaders will provide participants with practical tools and guidance that can be incorporated back in their agencies.

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Financial Leaders Program

The Financial Leaders Program strengthens the leadership, management and business skills of federal financial management professionals through a combination of innovative coursework, peer collaboration, best practice benchmarking and facilitated dialogue with industry leaders.

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Partnership Leadership Seminars

With a focus on the practical application of classroom lessons, our two-day Partnership Leadership Seminars develop participants’ leadership skills and help federal agencies build the long-term, in-house capacity to innovate and solve management problems.

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Leadership Alumni Network

The Partnership’s Leadership Alumni Network provides a meaningful way for our program graduates to continue personal and professional development. With more than 4,000 members, the Leadership Alumni Network is a community committed to excellence in government through ongoing learning and knowledge sharing.

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