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10 ways to celebrate Public Service Recognition Week 2021

By Will Butler | April 22, 2021

During Public Service Recognition Week 2021, you can show your appreciation for our country’s dedicated public servants, who worked tirelessly to overcome several major challenges this past year. Below are 10 ideas—small and big, virtual and in-person—to help you celebrate:

  • Spread the word about PSRW on social media. Our PSRW website includes printable whiteboard templates on which you can write a message of appreciation for public servants. Take a picture with your message and upload it to social media.
  • Join our #IServeBecause campaign. Share a tweet or record a video of yourself explaining why you work as a public servant and post it with the #IServeBecause hashtag. You can also take the #IServeBecause survey to help us share your public service story on the PSRW website or in a future blog post.
  • Thank your employees. If you’re an agency leader or supervisor, you can record a video thanking your employees for the work they do for your organization and our country.
  • Invite young children to participate. We’ve created several resources for children to participate in PSRW, including a word search, a “thank you” coloring sheet and a public servant coloring sheet.
  • Host or join an event. On our website, you can find a list of events hosted by the Partnership and other organizations to celebrate PSRW as well as a place to submit your own event. Tell us about your celebration to help it gain a bigger audience. 
  • Share your PSRW story with local media. Write a public service announcement for your local radio stations to read on the air or ask them to interview you about your PSRW activities. You could also write an article for a community newspaper or magazine on the vital contributions the federal workforce or your organization’s employees make to the public good.
  • Join the #GovPossible campaign. The General Services Administration has created a toolkit to help celebrate PSRW that includes social media post templates, sample graphics and instructions for creating a video that highlights the work of a public servant.
  • Sign up as a participating organization. When you sign up on the PSRW website, your agency or organization will be added to the list of more than 115 participating organizations—plus, you will get PSRW updates sent directly to your inbox.
  • Get active with the Feds in Motion 35 Challenge. The Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund is celebrating PSRW by challenging you to walk, run, bike, swim or roll your wheelchair for a total of 35 miles over 35 days. All proceeds support this nonprofit organization—the only one dedicated solely to providing federal employees with financial support in times of need.
  • Donate to the Partnership. Supporting public servants is a big part of our mission to make government more effective. Donations help us develop strong federal leaders, improve agency operations and strengthen the health of the federal workplace.

These ideas—and many more—can be found through the links and toolkits featured on our PSRW website. Whether you’re a leader at an agency or you simply appreciate the people who serve us all, we invite you to join us in recognizing the hard work of public servants during Public Service Recognition Week from May 2-8, 2021.

Will Butler is a former intern on the Partnership’s Communications team.