Leadership and innovation in the customer experience: Lessons from our new roundtable
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Leadership and innovation in the customer experience: Lessons from our new roundtable

July 1, 2024 | Updated on July 2, 2024

Recently, the Office of Management and Budget and the Partnership for Public Service conducted a survey to assess existing capabilities and pinpoint critical gaps in the customer experience in government.

The insights gained led to the establishment of our CX Organization Design Roundtable—a forum aimed at dismantling silos and fostering a network of innovative customer experience leaders. 

Embracing human-centered design 

The survey results underscored the complexity of challenges agencies face. In response, we, the roundtable organizers, developed a methodology to address these challenges.

Our sessions use a human-centered design approach, tailoring solutions to what agencies need.

  • Pinpointing challenges: We start each session by analyzing survey results to focus our discussions on the most critical issues. 
  • Driving action: Our roundtable moves beyond talk, using “How Might We” statements to guide actionable discussions on CX enhancements. 
  • Mentor/protege pairing: We match customer experience leaders based on discovery data to foster effective mentorship and accelerate the adoption of best practices. 

Learn more about human-centered design from this helpful overview

Implementing practical tools 

Every session we host is stacked with carefully chosen case studies, effective strategies and timely topics that ensure all attendees can immediately apply what they learn.

Our approach isn’t just about sharing knowledge—it’s about turning that knowledge into action through the core principles of human-centered design. This requires a lot of prototyping and testing within peer groups, which is essential for making real improvements in the customer experience in government. 

Fostering a community of practice 

In each session, customer experience leaders get more than just strategies–they become part of a community. This is where best practices and success stories come to life, shared and refined through group discussions. We ask questions, push for better ideas and build a network that boosts everyone’s ability to enhance their agency’s customer experience. We strive to create a space where everyone contributes, learns and grows. 

Seeing real results 

The community we’re building is strong—and it shows. Take, for example, one leader who revamped a customer feedback system after a mentoring session with a more experienced agency. This work exemplifies how shared knowledge can amplify impact and reinforces the strength of our new federal customer experience network. 

A call to continued collaboration 

As we continue to refine our approach and prepare for future cohorts, the insights and relationships forged here will help shape a more customer-focused federal landscape. 

Interested in making a difference in how the government serves the public? Sign up here to become part of this transformative journey and help us shape the future of public service. 

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