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How the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention overcame COVID-19 data challenges

When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, the federal government struggled to collect accurate, comprehensive and timely disease data. To overcome this obstacle, a unit within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—the Situational Awareness team—worked around the clock to create more effective data collection processes that the CDC leadership and agency partners needed to make informed decisions.

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How a lack of data led to vaccine inequity

During the past year, failures in the public health data infrastructure prevented state and local authorities from getting accurate information about COVID-19 prevalence and spread, leaving them unable to recommend equitable interventions. State and federal governments must work together and share data that would enable officials to track disease spread, vaccination rates and other health information in different communities to provide more equitable interventions.

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Dr. Anthony Fauci is our Federal Employee of the Year

Dr. Anthony Fauci was named Federal Employee of the Year at the 2020 Service to America Medals for his dedication to public health throughout five decades in the federal government. Watch dozens of celebrities and frontline workers thank Dr. Fauci for his work at the Sammies virtual awards program.

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