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Four recommendations to improve the federal customer experience

“Government for the People,” a recent report by the Partnership in collaboration with Accenture, offers tips for agency officials to improve the customer experience both during and after the pandemic. Read the four government-wide strategies that agency officials can implement to further improve services.

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Why internal customer experience helps agencies deliver on their mission

To deliver on mission and operate smoothly, federal agencies require mission-support employees to provide high-quality internal customer experience. The Partnership’s new Mission Support Leadership Program aims to provide these employees with the leadership skills they need to support their colleagues and the government as a whole.

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A different way of thinking about the size of government

While the U.S. population has continued to increase, the size of the federal workforce has remained relatively stable over the past few decades. By examining the size of government from this perspective, it becomes clear that government efficiency is critical for agencies to effectively deliver services to the American people.

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