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Data and digital workforces: Agencies assess where they stand

The Partnership and Boston Consulting Group launched the Federal Data and Digital Maturity Index survey that asked federal employees across six agencies to measure their data and digital performance. In this blog post, we take a deep dive into the survey’s section on human capital, a set of questions that evaluates how agencies recruit, hire, develop, engage and retain their data and digital workforces.

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Diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility in the federal government: A way forward

A series of workshops hosted by the Partnership and McKinsey & Company aimed to equip federal leaders working across government with insights to support more effective diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility work. Participants noted that implementing DEIA strategies can be particularly difficult, so we’re sharing four key factors to help agencies and leaders successfully tackle this challenge.

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Why data matters: The case for evidence-based innovation

How agencies collect, interpret and share data informs how they make decisions, develop strategies and allocate resources—all of which are central to federal innovation. In the latest post in our innovation series, we explore barriers to effective data collection, tips to help build a data-driven government and how good data can drive innovation.

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