We the Partnership

How Partnership West embraces diversity, equity and inclusion

Organizations should promote diversity, equity and inclusion, but program managers often struggle to incorporate these principles into their day-to-day work and organizational strategy. Here are three examples that demonstrate how Partnership West has woven diversity, equity and inclusion into its operations, so others can consider how they might emphasize this in their own programs.

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Building state-federal partnerships in California during COVID-19

To respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, California has emphasized intergovernmental collaboration with the new California Federal Partners for COVID-19 task force. In just a few months, the group has helped build and strengthen communication and coordination between local, state and federal government leaders in the state.

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Bringing the Partnership to the West Coast

Introducing Partnership West, an extension of the Partnership’s operations to the West Coast, starting in California— home to more than 150,000 civil servants and the largest regional population of federal workers outside our nation’s capital.

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