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The public’s support of public servants

While a majority of the public in the U.S. is distrustful of the federal government, their view is much more favorable regarding our nation’s civil servants, the people working behind-the-scenes to carry out a wide array of federal programs and policies.

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Data and digital workforces: Agencies assess where they stand

The Partnership and Boston Consulting Group launched the Federal Data and Digital Maturity Index survey that asked federal employees across six agencies to measure their data and digital performance. In this blog post, we take a deep dive into the survey’s section on human capital, a set of questions that evaluates how agencies recruit, hire, develop, engage and retain their data and digital workforces.

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A majority of those who do not believe the federal government plays a large role in their lives have received federal benefits

Recent public opinion research conducted by the Partnership for Public Service and Freedman Consulting found that a majority of people who said the federal government does not play much of a role in their lives also stated they have received federal benefits or assistance such as Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, veteran’s benefits, food stamps or housing assistance. The data suggests that the lack of awareness of the source of these benefits has a real and significant effect on public support of government.

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