The Partnership has a new website. Here are 5 big changes.
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The Partnership has a new website. Here are 5 big changes.

March 16, 2022

On March 13, the Partnership’s web and design team launched a new version of our main website: More than a year in the making, the new site gives a fresh look to the Partnership’s work and organizes our wide-ranging content to help you more easily find what you’re looking for. The new website features five major changes:

We made it easier for you to learn what we do.

The Partnership does a lot of different things, but all our efforts work to solve critical challenges in the federal government. You can learn about our work in various areas—from employee engagement and the customer experience to innovation and presidential transition—on a new page entitled Our Solutions.

Additionally, we created a new page called Performance Measures that highlights our work to measure government effectiveness. Features include our Agency Performance Dashboard, the Best Places to Work in the Federal Government® rankings, our Fed Figures series, the political appointee tracker and our leadership 360 assessment tool.

We made it easier for you to engage with us.

Click the three “call to action” buttons on the new homepage, and you’ll immediately see our latest research reports, a list of our upcoming events, and our leadership and professional development training courses. These three buttons enable you to view each list without leaving our home page, creating a more user-friendly experience.

We built dedicated pages to highlight our diversity, equity and inclusion work and made the site more accessible.

We are committed to building a culture of inclusion at the Partnership and in government, which is why our new DEI page features our DEI commitment statement and framework, as well as DEI-related blog posts and information about our DEI Council.

In addition, our entire website meets Americans with Disabilities Act standards for accessibility, which help ensure that sites are easy to navigate with content that is understandable and can be interpreted by different devices and platforms.

We made it easier to learn about our impact.

The Partnership has done a lot to improve the way government works. To help you learn more about our impact, the new site features a timeline showing our major accomplishments, as well as stories and numerical data that demonstrate the difference we have made over the past 20 years.

We created a single hub for you to read, watch and listen to Partnership content.

In our new Read, Watch and Listen section, you can dive into all the content we produce. Read our new research reports or easily search for other reports in our research library. Our blog, “We the Partnership,” is searchable by author, category and tag. If you’re looking for audio content, listen to our podcast, “Profiles in Public Service.”

As a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that is building a better government and a stronger democracy, we encourage you to explore our new site and learn more about what we’re doing.

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