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The Partnership is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization as recognized under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We rely on the generous financial support of individuals, companies and foundations to carry out our work, and we participate in the Combined Federal Campaign.

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To learn more about how your gift is being used, view our annual report.

2015 Annual Report

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Our private-sector and foundation partners play an important role in helping to revitalize our government.

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You don’t have to be a Partnership for Public Service employee to help us transform government. Whether you work in the public or private sectors, you can take action to support the Partnership’s work.

Here are a few ways you can make a difference right now:

Equip leaders with the skills they need to tackle complex challenges

Learn how the Partnership’s leadership programs are strengthening federal leadership, share professional development opportunities with a colleague or contact us for information about our custom trainings.

Support a smooth transfer of power to the next administration

Learn what we are doing to ensure the next president is Ready to Govern® on day one, sign up to receive regular updates about this important effort and contact us for information on how you can support this program.

Help us transform government for the better

Examine the latest Best Places to Work in the Federal Government® data and learn how agencies can transform their culture by making employee engagement a priority.

Identify and support our nation’s federal workforce

Recognize an outstanding federal employee for a Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medal, invite an honoree to speak at your organization and inspire others by telling their powerful stories directly.

Inspire the best and bright to public service

Raise interest in federal job opportunities by participating in online trainings or in our Federal Student Ambassadors program.

Engage with us

Attend a Partnership event and invite a colleague to join you, download one of our research reports, or sign-up to receive the latest news on public service with our Daily Pipeline.

Support us

Sponsor a program, donate online or make a contribution via the Combined Federal Campaign: CFC #12110.

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The Partnership is proud that its employees have rated it one of the top nonprofits in Washington, DC. We strive to be an inclusive organization that fosters learning, collaboration and respect, and we actively recruit for diversity in our workplace, believing that a range of backgrounds, perspectives and experiences contributes to our mission of revitalizing government.

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Internship Program

The Partnership’s competitive and highly rated Public Service Fellows internship program gives undergraduates, recent graduates and graduate students the chance to participate directly in transforming the way government works and to acquire valuable professional skills.

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Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) Opportunities

We are always in search of exceptional federal employees who want to contribute to the Partnership’s mission. Each year, we offer a limited number of rotational assignments through the IPA Mobility Program for high-performing federal employees, ideally GS-14 (or equivalent) and above, including members of the SES. Participants in other rotational programs (such as PMFs) are also encouraged to apply.

Program and Application Details