Group collaborating at 5 Languages of Appreciation Training

5 Languages of Appreciation Training

This training session will focus on how managers can use the 5 Languages of Appreciation framework to better engage their workforce and increase productivity, efficiency and employee satisfaction and commitment.


Taught by a certified Appreciation at Work™ facilitator, the Partnership offers a three-and-a-half hour training that provides essential tools for motivating and engaging employees through appreciation. This training will address the following questions:

  • How can you build more positive relationships and increase trust within your team?
  • How can you increase your team’s understanding of each other’s differences?
  • How can you foster an empowering work environment?
  • How can you help others perform at their very best and improve their discretionary improve?

During this session, participants will engage in facilitated learning activities and discussions to understand how to recognize their colleagues in ways that are most meaningful and tailored to each individual.

Program Benefits

Training participants will:

  • Receive their Motivating By Appreciation Inventory results to better understand their primary, secondary and least-valued language of appreciation
  • Learn strategies from a certified Appreciation at Work™ facilitator to help apply the 5 Languages of Appreciation in teams and the workplace
  • Identify low and no-cost approaches and how to better individualize appreciation to meet employees’ needs
  • Participate in interactive discussions and exercises
  • Reinforce key concepts by creating action plans
  • Get access to additional resources and share best practices from agencies across government


Register February 16

There are no upcoming sessions at this time.

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Who Should Attend

Our 5 Languages of Appreciation Training is ideal for individuals seeking to have a positive impact in the workplace and improve relationships—both in managing others and in managing up. It is particularly helpful for supervisors who are working to improve team dynamics, build trust, reduce cynicism, and foster a more enjoyable and collaborative work place that is motivating and engaging.


All sessions taking place in Washington, DC will be held at the Partnership’s offices.


The training is $400* per person.

*A discount is available for Federal Human Capital Collaborative members.