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Building the workforce our government needs

Federal agencies are struggling to recruit and hire the vital talent needed to ensure our government’s health and security. Due to competition for top candidates and a deeply broken federal hiring process, many of the brightest employees in critical fields like cybersecurity, science, technology, engineering and math are choosing other employers over the federal government. Young people, whose energy and creativity in the workplace is valuable, are vastly underrepresented compared to the broader labor market. And it is challenging for government to attract and hire mid- and senior-level talent from outside government, who could bring fresh perspectives and innovations from other sectors to solve federal challenges.

At the Partnership for Public Service, we’re helping federal agencies address their workforce gaps. By advocating for needed policy changes; helping agencies improve their recruiting and hiring strategies; and educating students, faculty and career services professionals and talent more broadly about federal opportunities, we are removing the barriers that obstruct candidates at all experience levels from entering public service.

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Our Results

The Partnership plays a pivotal role advocating for reforms to the federal hiring process. Most recently, our work resulted in the passage of the Competitive Service Act, legislation that will allow agencies to more easily fill mission-critical positions. We also work with HR and hiring managers to increase their knowledge of how to use the hiring flexibilities available to them and collaborate effectively to recruit talent strategically. In 2016, we trained more than 150 HR professionals from across the bureaus at the Department of the Interior in four different locations. We’ve also developed the Call to Serve network, the only national system that works with both federal agencies and more than a thousand institutions of higher education to promote federal service. Since 2008, we have trained 200 Federal Student Ambassadors, who serve as peer-to-peer resources on their schools’ campuses to raise interest in agency career opportunities. Many of our agency partners rely on ambassadors to fill their entry-level positions with high-quality candidates.

Our Work

Through workshops and webinars, as well as custom agency engagements, we help agencies address their recruiting and hiring challenges. Since 2013, our Civil Service Fellows Program has helped place candidates with STEM backgrounds into critical agency positions. And our Go Government website is a reliable resource helping prospective applicants find information about the federal hiring process. We also offer regular webinars and trainings to students and campus representatives to help educate top talent about opportunities in public service.

Our Programs

Call to Serve for Federal Agencies

The federal agency pillar of the Call to Serve program focuses on improving the ability of federal agencies to recruit and hire top students to careers in the public sector. Through our programs, events and resources, the Partnership is committed to helping agencies secure the right talent and navigate the often complex Pathways Programs.

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Call to Serve for Colleges and Universities

The college and university pillar of the Call to Serve program is designed to educate a new generation about federal service. We currently work with a network of more than 1,000 colleges and universities and provide advisors with cost-effective ways to educate students about careers in the public sector.

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Recruiting and Hiring Assistance


The Partnership works with agencies to develop custom programs ranging from half-day workshops to months-long engagements that meet specific recruiting and hiring needs, particularly for the Pathways Programs. Our approach draws on our experiences working with multiple agencies and hundreds of leaders across federal government.

For more information about our custom programs, contact Michelle Amante at MAmante@ourpublicservice.org.

Go Government


Go Government is a resource with comprehensive tips for how to find and apply for federal jobs. The site helps jobseekers research federal agencies and careers in government, understand federal terms, navigate USAJOBS—the government’s career board— and access practical tips about the application and interview process.

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