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Call to Serve for Agencies

Our Call to Serve program is designed to educate a new generation about federal service and improve the ability of federal agencies to recruit and hire the top talent needed to maintain a competitive workforce. We currently work with a network of more than 1,000 colleges and universities and dozens of federal agencies to pilot and refine sustainable, cost-effective ways to educate and attract students to careers in the public sector, with special emphasis on our government’s critical need for people with skill in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

How Can Agencies Participate?

For government to succeed, it must be able to find and hire the skilled, capable and dedicated employees it needs. The Partnership is committed to helping agencies secure the right talent using the resources and programs of the Call to Serve network.

To meet the growing demands being placed on government, federal agencies must successfully recruit and hire a skilled and diverse workforce. The Partnership can help agencies through:

  • Interactive workshops that build skills, share best practices for addressing common recruiting and hiring challenges, and provide opportunities to collaborate with other federal agencies;
  • Programs that leverage former student interns as passionate advocates dedicated to promoting jobs and internships to their peers during the academic year;
  • Access to college and university professionals on more than 1,000 colleges and universities who help establish talent pipelines; and
  • A monthly newsletter featuring federal workforce news as well as recruiting and hiring resources.

To learn more about how your agency can participate, please contact
Emily McConnell at or (202) 617‑3142.

Federal Student Ambassadors

It is critical that agencies align recruitment efforts with their talent needs and conduct strategic outreach for their student and entry-level opportunities. The Partnership is poised to use our expertise, networks and experience to help your agency gain a tactical recruiting advantage. Implemented in a variety of ways, the cost-effective and innovative Federal Student Ambassadors program is already creating direct talent pipelines and producing measurable results for a number of federal agencies.

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Recruiting and Hiring Assistance

The Partnership works with agencies to develop custom programs ranging from half-day workshops to months-long engagements that meet specific recruiting and hiring needs, particularly for the Pathways Programs. Our approach draws on our experiences working with multiple agencies and hundreds of leaders across federal government.

For more information about our custom programs, contact Emily McConnell at
Building a Culture of Engagement: Virtual Training Series
March 21-23

This online training series helps frontline supervisors and managers use appreciation, communication and empowerment to engage employees.

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Call to Serve eNews

Our monthly email for the Call to Serve network features promising practices and resources related to promoting public service, recruiting and hiring trends, and information about timely government topics.

For more information, contact Emily McConnell at or (202) 617‑3142.

Pathways Programs Information for Agencies

The federal government faces challenges recruiting and hiring well-qualified candidates who are in school or who have recently received a degree. Complex and lengthy procedures, disparate programs and low intern conversion rates contribute to many potential candidates choosing opportunities in other sectors.

Established by Executive Order 13562, “Recruiting and Hiring Students and Recent Graduates,” the Pathways Programs are designed to help agencies address these issues by streamlining processes and providing students and recent graduates with clear paths to internships and full-time employment, as well as meaningful training, mentoring and career-development opportunities.

Comprised of the Internship Program, Recent Graduates Program and Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program, the Pathways Programs, which went into effect on July 10, 2012, assist agencies in attracting talent, educating and engaging employees, and filling key competency gaps. Along with the government-wide initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion, and bring talented veterans on board, the Pathways Programs support agencies’ efforts to fill workforce needs, and infuse the federal space with new enthusiasm, talent and fresh perspectives.

Pathways Myth Busters

After extensive discussions with many in government who are trying to hire recent graduates and use interns, and with very helpful feedback from the Office of Personnel Management, we have compiled these “myth busters” to reduce confusion and correct the most common misconceptions about the government-wide Pathways Programs regulations and implementation guidance issued in 2012.

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Pathways Resources