Leadership Development

Preparing career and political leaders to deliver results

Leadership is the most important factor influencing federal agency performance and government effectiveness. For government leaders to keep us safe, provide vital services and move the country forward, they need to develop their leadership and management skills.

At the Partnership for Public Service, we help the most promising people in the federal workforce develop into high-functioning leaders. We provide them with resources to solve our government’s most intractable problems, foster collaboration within and across agencies and spearhead innovation throughout government.

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Our Results

Over the past decade, more than 15,000 career and politically appointed federal employees from agencies across government have turned to us for leadership development training—and more enlist our services every year. Our program graduates successfully empower individual employees and enhance overall productivity at their agencies.

Program participants learn vital skills to drive immediate change in their agencies, a testament to the 99% of graduates who recommend our programs to their peers and the 98% who say they have applied lessons learned. The improvement shown by program participants on the job isn’t just self-perceived—98% of supervisors report that participants became better leaders after graduating from our programs. Our programs instill lessons that federal leaders rely on for the duration of their careers.

Our Work

The Partnership's leadership programs are more than bullet points on a resume—we prepare our graduates to deliver results by building strong teams, creating a culture of innovation and working across boundaries. We’re only satisfied that we’ve accomplished our mission when our program participants help agencies accomplish theirs.

We also work in partnership with individual agencies to provide more targeted support for their leadership needs. The Department of Labor and the Department of Education are two examples where our custom engagements improved leadership at all levels to drive performance and efficiency. We’ve also provided onboarding training to multiple agencies’ incoming Senior Executive Service members to help them better understand their leadership roles and prepare them to succeed.

The smash-hit musical "Hamilton" allows audiences to reflect on our government's history and learn important lessons in leadership. Inspired by the musical, we've developed a list of nine leadership lessons that we elevate here at the Partnership.

Our Programs

Excellence in Government Fellows


The Partnership’s Excellence in Government Fellows program is tailored to the leadership needs of senior-level public servants. It combines the best in leadership coursework, interactive projects, networking and executive coaching over several sessions throughout the year.

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Custom Leadership Programs


Agencies face unique workforce challenges and have differing leadership development needs. The Partnership will build a custom, mission-driven program tailored to an agency’s needs. We have a team of skilled facilitators and coaches who have extensive experience working with employees and senior executives across government to address enterprise-wide challenges. The Partnership provides a full spectrum of services including data analysis, action planning, seminars, year-long leadership programs, executive education and training, assessments and coaching, and team building and facilitation.

For more information about our custom programs, contact Michelle Amante at mamante@ourpublicservice.org.

Center for Presidential Transition

The Partnership’s Center for Presidential Transition helps ensure the efficient transfer of power that our country deserves. The Center’s Ready to Govern® initiative assists candidates with the transition, works with Congress to reform the transition process, develops management recommendations to address our government’s operational challenges, and trains new political appointees.

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Federal Financial Leaders Program


The Federal Financial Leaders Program strengthens the leadership, management and business skills of federal financial management professionals through a combination of innovative coursework, peer collaboration, best practice benchmarking and facilitated dialogue with industry leaders.

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Emerging HR Leaders Forum


The Emerging HR Leaders Forum is a professional development program for federal human resources practitioners seeking to develop the skills and perspective necessary to take on future leadership roles in government. HR emerging leaders learn with, and from, their peers through facilitated dialogues with subject matter experts and challenging team projects. The Emerging HR Leaders Forum helps HR professionals move beyond technical expertise to develop leadership potential.

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Leadership Excellence in Acquisition Program


The Leadership Excellence in Acquisition Program is a year-long professional development program focused on strengthening the leadership skills of federal acquisition leaders. The acquisition-focused curriculum of innovative coursework, peer collaboration, real-world case study analysis and facilitated dialogue with industry leaders will provide participants with practical tools and guidance that can be incorporated back in their agencies.

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Federal IT Leaders Program


The Federal IT Leaders Program is a professional development program for high-performing mid-level IT leaders. The curriculum provides participants with practical tools and guidance for immediately incorporating lessons about key challenges facing the IT community into their day-to-day work.

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Strategic Advisors to Government Executives (SAGE)


The Strategic Advisors to Government Executives, or SAGE, program connects senior-level executives in government with their predecessors and private-sector counterparts. SAGEs share knowledge, ideas and best practices to help federal C-suite executives transform government and improve its performance.

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Federal Human Capital Collaborative


The Federal Human Capital Collaborative is designed to create an active community of federal managers and human resources professionals that will identify cross-cutting challenges and work collaboratively and systematically to solve them on behalf of our nation. It convenes member agencies to participate in research, share best practices and devise government-wide strategies to address the challenges identified by our member agencies as most critical.

How to Participate

Partnership Leadership Seminars


With a focus on the practical application of classroom lessons, our two-day Partnership Leadership Seminars develop participants’ leadership skills and help federal agencies build the long-term, in-house capacity to innovate and solve management problems.

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Leadership Alumni Network


The Partnership’s Leadership Alumni Network provides a meaningful way for our program graduates to continue personal and professional development. With more than 4,000 members, the Leadership Alumni Network is a community committed to excellence in government through ongoing learning and knowledge sharing.

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Excellence in Government Fellows Coaches

Our Excellence in Government Fellows program coaching team is dedicated to helping participants reach their individual and collective leadership goals. Our coaches possess a common set of core qualifications but bring a truly diverse set of backgrounds, global perspectives and training styles to the EIG program.

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