Program particpants working together in small groups

Leadership Excellence in Acquisition Program

Today’s acquisition professionals need to combine technical execution with strong leadership skills to achieve agency missions. The Partnership’s Leadership Excellence in Acquisition Program is an opportunity for exceptional mid-level acquisition professionals to strengthen their management and business skills while building lasting interagency relationships.


Addressing a need identified by the Office of Federal Procurement Policy, the Leadership Excellence in Acquisition Program strengthens the leadership skills of federal acquisition professionals through a combination of innovative coursework, peer collaboration, best practice benchmarking and facilitated dialogue with industry leaders. During the 9-month program, participants learn how executive communication, strategic thinking and stakeholder engagement play a critical role in leading agency operations.

Upon completion of the program, graduates are eligible to earn 90 Continuous Learning Points.

Program Benefits

  • Develop the business, leadership and interpersonal skills needed to excel in the federal acquisition profession
  • Engage with subject-matter experts from the public, private and nonprofit sectors
  • Participate in results projects to reinforce lessons learned in the program
  • Become a member of the Partnership’s Leadership Alumni Network
  • Participate in Partnership programs such as seminars, workshops and events held to release research reports
  • Gain access to resources, information and best practices from agencies across government



April 11–13
May 16–17
June 20–22
August 8–9, 2017
October 17–19
Novermber 7–9

Apply Now

Applications are due March 24

We strongly encourage candidates to submit their applications as soon as they are able. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and, because of high demand, the program may fill before the application deadline.

Download Program Brochure
For more information about the application process, please contact Caleb Campbell at or (202) 775-6892.


Who Should Apply

Enrollment is open to mid-level, high-performing acquisition professionals who have reached GS-12 to GS-15 level at the time of application. At a minimum, participants are required to possess a Level II FAC-C, -COR, -P/PM, DAWIA or other equivalent certification and have at least three years of federal acquisition experience. Please be aware that your agency may raise the level of qualifications to meet their expectations.


All sessions will take place at the Partnership’s offices in Washington, D.C.


Tuition is $5,900 and includes:

  • All session facilitation and program support
  • Course materials (e.g., books, articles and management tools)
  • Online collaboration tools
  • Access to the Partnership’s resources, expertise and networks
  • Invitations to ongoing activities

Tuition is only payable by the participant’s agency.

Time Commitment

Participants are expected to attend all six class sessions. During the 9-month program, participants remain in their full-time jobs, meet every two months and spend approximately 14 days in session. In addition to scheduled sessions, participants are expected to read articles, case studies and reports and work on team projects.

Our Results

100% of graduates feel that they are better leaders as a result of the LEAP program.

96% of participants have applied program lessons to the betterment of themselves, their peers and their organization.

94% of supervisors surveyed indicated that LEAP has had a positive impact on the effectiveness of acquisition operations in their office.

The LEAP program teaches skills and self-development techniques that will allow 1102s to be the best in class for their agency.

— Former LEAP Participant

The year of self-reflection and leadership development gives you a toolkit of leadership skills the FAC-C fails to provide. Lessons from this program can be applied to any situation: personal and professional.

— Former LEAP Participant

I would recommend this program to any 1102 seeking to become a better leader—and a better person.

— Former LEAP Participant