Federal Human Capital Collaborative

Federal Human Capital Collaborative


Membership in the Federal Human Capital Collaborative is extended to an entire agency or subagency’s human capital management team and coordinated through the chief human capital officer or the HR director’s office.

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To learn more about joining the Collaborative, please contact Eric Feldman.

Email Eric Call (202) 780‑0814
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Federal Human Capital Collaborative

The Federal Human Capital Collaborative is a problem-solving community of agency HR leaders with the goal of transforming the way government works through innovation and strengthening policy.

From hiring and retaining an effective workforce to assessing and rewarding performance, federal managers must deal with challenges that are complex, numerous and ever-changing. Solving human resources problems requires in-depth research, focused collaboration and shared expertise. Working on these issues collectively is not only better than facing them alone—it is absolutely necessary.

The Collaborative offers a unique opportunity for HR leaders to share and access the tools that they need to address the problems of federal human capital management. Agency HR leaders come together at the Partnership to:

  • Collectively identify critical issues
  • Share best practices
  • Develop strategies to effect change across government and within individual departments and agencies
  • Provide input on the Partnership’s research agenda
  • Build interagency relationships

Membership Benefits

Develop the Next Generation of HR Leaders

  • Enroll 2-12 staff members (depending on agency size) in the Emerging HR Leaders Forum
  • Participate in the Internship Coordinator Consortium, a network of HR professionals, to share how internships and fellowships can build diverse talent pipelines
  • Access the Public Service Leadership 360 assessment for two to five leaders, based on agency size

Collaborate on Crucial Issues

  • Attend quarterly meetings with cross-sector experts
  • Build interagency relationships
  • Collaborate with the Partnership and other member agencies to influence the agenda for regulatory and legislative reforms to develop and enhance the federal HR profession
  • Shape a Partnership research project focused on questions of interest to chief human capital officers and HR directors

Access the Partnership Network

  • Receive invitations to Partnership events, including research report releases, webinars and workshops on various management topics
  • Receive regular updates from the Partnership on its work and programs, as well as updates on trends, events and other issues within the federal government
  • Access the online recordings of Building a Culture of Engagement, a course for employee engagement coordinators