Government Modernization

Creating a 21st century government

Government Modernization

Public servants are some of the brightest, most dedicated professionals in the country. But too often, their accomplishments come in spite of the government systems that they rely on for support.

While the world has changed, our government, in many respects, has not. At the Partnership for Public Service, we’re trying to transform the way government works. From hiring more cybersecurity professionals to strengthening the Senior Executive Service, we advocate for a series of efforts to bring the right people into government and ensure they’re properly equipped to do their jobs well. With a high-functioning, innovative government, federal employees can better serve the American people.

Our Programs

Shared Services

Federal Employees,Private Sector

Supporting the shift to consolidate operational systems to free up limited resources.

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Center for Presidential Transition

Administration and Congress,Federal Employees,Political Appointee,Private Sector

Supports the smooth transfer of power and knowledge during presidential transitions.

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We advocate for greater employee engagement while maintaining employee accountability and high performance. We support efforts to recruit and retain top talent, strengthen the Senior Executive Service, promote innovative approaches to governing and improve the government’s customer service capabilities. Through a high-functioning, effective and innovative government that responds to its citizens, federal employees can better serve the American people.

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Our wide-ranging research helps us develop forward-thinking solutions that change the way government works. We have generated hundreds of research reports on government reform issues, and we continue to provide data-driven thought leadership and actionable recommendations on the current challenges facing the federal workforce and government operations.

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Our Work

Our research is recognized as a source of reliable data, sound analysis and prudent advice on the challenges facing the federal workforce and government structures. Once we produce a research report, we disseminate it broadly and bring different parties together to discuss it. We then consult with agencies and government leaders on how they can use our findings.

Since our founding in 2001, we have generated hundreds of pieces of thought leadership geared toward making government more efficient and effective. We collaborate with public and private sector partners who share our commitment to making government work better.

Our Results

We have successfully championed 46 laws and resolutions that strengthen government management and operations. Key among those pieces of legislation are major improvements to the presidential transition process, the establishment of the chief human capital officer position in government to ensure high-level strategic attention to management issues, advancements in federal intern programs and important hiring reforms. We also contributed to the passage of legislation that created the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, a tool that measures employee engagement levels at agencies across government.

Through wide-ranging research on topics related to government effectiveness and impact, we have shared promising practices from across government. We’ve also helped agencies to implement much-needed changes. For example, we influenced the development of the shared services office at GSA and we created tools to help agencies implement the Pathways Programs. Our research doesn’t just sit on the shelf—the reports we put together are critical drivers of change. Lawmakers and government leaders rely on our perspectives to stay up-to-date on important issues and inform their own initiatives. Mainstream media outlets, like The New York Times, Politico and Face the Nation often call on our experts to provide vital insight and commentary.