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We must protect and improve the professional career civil service for our government to operate effectively.

August 2, 2022

WASHINGTON – Recent reports suggest that supporters of former President Donald Trump are preparing plans to radically reshape the federal government by permitting a potential future administration to arbitrarily fire thousands of nonpartisan career federal civil servants and replace them with political loyalists. The nonpartisan, nonprofit Partnership for Public Service issued the following statement from President and CEO Max Stier

“Our democracy is the envy of the world in large part because of the experienced and professional civil servants who create continuity and stability across presidential administrations, and who pledge to uphold and defend the Constitution, not swear fealty to any individual.  Misguided proposals to return to the spoils system of the 19th century that would strip the government of needed expertise, further erode trust in our government and democracy, inhibit federal employees from speaking truth to power and undermine the efficient delivery of critical public services. 

“Instead of undermining and politicizing the career federal workforce, the focus should be on improving our system by reducing the number of political appointees and streamlining the nomination and confirmation process; improving leadership development, placing greater emphasis on employee recognition, supporting innovation, increasing accountability for poor performers, streamlining hiring practices and bringing more young people into government. We must ensure our government is equipped to meet the challenges of today and effectively serve all who depend on it. 

“The Partnership for Public Service has long advocated for these critical investments to improve our civil service system so that it better reflects the rapidly changing and complex, globalized environment. These investments are not about a bigger or smaller government. Rather, our nonpartisan recommendations are focused on the people our government serves and how to improve its capacity to work more effectively for everyone.” 

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