Develop an Effective Strategic Human Capital Plan
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Develop an Effective Strategic Human Capital Plan

December 14, 2006

All federal agencies are required to develop strategic human capital plans. While there exists a wealth of detailed guidance to support efforts in this area, many agencies struggle with developing a plan that not only meets statutory requirements, but serves as a tool to help agency leaders drive mission success.

The Partnership for Public Service has examined the trends in strategic human capital planning among some of the most innovative agencies in the federal government. Based on research and practical experience, we have developed an easy-to-follow approach that any agency can use to refine its planning efforts-ensuring that the resulting plan is aligned with mission and reflective of vision, organizational strategic goals and objectives, external stakeholder guidance, and current labor market conditions.

This document provides an end-to-end overview for those charged with the creation of an effective, useful strategic human capital plan.

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