Partnership for Public Service 2008 Annual Report
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Partnership for Public Service 2008 Annual Report

April 16, 2009

In 2001, we created the Partnership for Public Service to reform our federal government by revitalizing its federal workforce. We are proud of what the Partnership has accomplished and even more excited about its future. Our mission has never been more relevant, and our organization has never been better positioned to drive real change in government.

The economic crisis, like no other story, is validating the importance of the Partnership’s mission to improve government performance. It illustrates the consequences of insufficient government oversight and reminds us that, in times of national crisis, we turn to our federal government for solutions. As more people understand why our work matters, it becomes easier to enlist partners to change how government works and expand its capacity to tackle big challenges.And, while the economy is highlighting the need for effective government, the 2008 election and subsequent transition are shining a spotlight on another core tenet of our mission: the need to attract a new generation into public service.

President Barack Obama has generated enthusiasm about public service not seen since the days of John F. Kennedy. He has promised to “make government cool again,” and there are a number of signs suggesting that he just might succeed. These recent high-profile events have created new opportunities for the Partnership, and we are doing everything we can to take advantage of them and capture the energy surrounding government today.

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