Partnership for Public Service statement on Schedule F Executive Order
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Partnership for Public Service statement on Schedule F Executive Order

October 22, 2020

WASHINGTON – The nonpartisan, nonprofit Partnership for Public Service released the following statement from President and CEO Max Stier regarding the president’s executive order to create a new Schedule F excepted service job classification for federal employees.

“Our civil service is the envy of the world and must be strengthened and enhanced. Without strong safeguards, the risk of hiring and firing for political reasons is high. The president’s executive order creating a new Schedule F job classification is deeply troubling and has the potential to impact wide swaths of federal employees over the next few months without engagement from Congress, civil servants and other key stakeholders. 

“Being able to place any number of existing career positions into this new Schedule F not only blurs the line between politics and the neutral competency of the career civil service, it obliterates it. We urge Congress to act swiftly to examine the development and potential impact of this executive order. 

“The executive order does not articulate the underlying case for the new Schedule F job classification and provides more questions than answers, including the process for creating the executive order and who is covered by the changes. What is clear is that many federal human resource professionals inside and outside of government were neither consulted nor informed.

“An executive order is an unfortunate vehicle for implementing such a significant policy change. Legislative action with bipartisan support and the opportunity for stakeholder engagement would have allowed for a more thorough and transparent policymaking process and an end result with broader support and a better likelihood of long-term success.”

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