Our Research

Our wide-ranging research on topics related to government effectiveness and impact helps us develop forward-thinking solutions that change the way government works. We have generated hundreds of research reports on government reform issues, and we continue to delve into the most important challenges confronting how our government operates. Our data-driven thought leadership offers sound analysis and actionable recommendations on the current challenges facing the federal workforce and government structures.

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Employee Engagement

Engaged workforces drive productivity

From the private sector to government, employee engagement is directly connected to organizational performance. While budget constraints, hiring and pay freezes, and public mistrust make it challenging for the federal workforce, we’re helping agencies implement strategies to improve employee engagement and better serve the American people.

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Customer Experience

Mission delivery relies on customer service

Everyone in this country is a government customer. Interactions range from passive consumption of public goods such as roads, national defense and disease prevention to active exchanges such as paying taxes and receiving benefits. Improving the customer experience can help agencies save money, improve compliance and accomplish mission-critical goals.

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Government Leaders

Good government requires great leaders

The members of the Senior Executive Service are critical to the stability of our economy, the security of our nation and the effective operation of our government. Senior executives have a hand in developing and implementing nearly all the government’s policies and programs. Good governance depends on these 7,000 leaders doing their jobs well.

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Civil Service Reform

Our civil service system is in crisis

Designed more than 60 years ago, the personnel system governing more than 2 million workers is a relic of a bygone era. The world has changed dramatically, but the civil service system has remained stuck in the past, serving as a barrier rather than an aid to attracting, hiring and retaining highly skilled and educated employees needed to respond to today’s domestic and global challenges.

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Government Reorganization

Solutions to transform how government does business

A March executive order on agency reorganization calls for agencies to embark on efforts that will lead to leaner, more accountable and more efficient government; a workforce more aligned to future needs; and elimination of barriers that hamper frontline employees from serving the public effectively. By seizing the current opening, agencies can position themselves to be more effective and efficient over the long term.

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Performance and Accountability

Government needs a performance culture

To create a more effective and dynamic government, there must be a data-driven performance culture grounded in continuous improvement. We help agencies learn what other federal organizations have done to improve data collection and decision-making and, ultimately, transform their organization’s performance.

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Fed Figures

Fed Figures offers a broad look at the composition of the federal workforce, providing data on its size and demographics as well as government trends on employee hiring and departures.

News, Events, Recent Releases


Leading Practices for Improving Customer Experience in Government

This white paper highlights three proven private-sector strategies that government can adopt to improve citizen services, and explores common challenges federal agencies experience when implementing these practices.

The Partnership and Accenture

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In Government

This issue brief offers advice, tips and strategies from current and former government leaders who have led successful technology reforms in government.

The Partnership and Accenture

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How Leaders Can Use the FEVS to Improve the Employee Experience

This guide is intended to help leaders who receive their FEVS and subsequent Best Places to Work data, want to maintain momentum around what’s working well and improve what’s not, but might ask themselves, “Where do I go from here?”

The Partnership and Deloitte

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Mission Possible

How chief operating officers can make government more effective

This report is a blueprint for COOs as they work to make our government more responsive, effective and accountable to the American people.

The Partnership and Booz Allen Hamilton

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Building a Winning Technology Team

Driving results through effective partnerships

This issue brief highlights the critical stakeholders, discusses their roles and provides tips for forging partnerships and building teams needed to execute programs and policies that rely on technology.

The Partnership and Accenture Federal Service

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The Most Important Customer

Improving the Citizen Experience with Government

Focusing on the customer experience with government services can help the Trump administration accomplish many of its goals, none more important than ensuring that government meets its citizens' needs. By making the customer experience a top priority, the new administration can simplify and speed up how people get the myriad services government provides.

The Partnership and Accenture Federal Service

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Post and Pursue

Improving Federal Hiring Using Data and Targeted Recruitment

To recruit top talent, agencies should use data, encourage collaboration between hiring managers and HR staff and rely on special hiring authorities. Learn how agencies can bring federal hiring into the 21st century in the Partnership for Public Service and LinkedIn's new issue brief.

The Partnership and LinkedIn

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How many of the 553 key positions requiring Senate confirmation has the new administration filled? 

Find out
OMB often lacks the expertise needed to address important management and budget issues. The agency’s responsibilities have increased, but its staffing, in the long run, has trended downward.

The Partnership

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Walking the Line

Inspectors General Balancing Independence and Impact

The inspectors general serve as the canary in the coal mine, warning federal leaders of agency risks and vulnerabilities. They also have a unique, long-term perspective on their organizations since they typically remain in place through changes in leadership.

The Partnership and Grant Thornton Public Sector

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Making Government Work for the American People

A Management Roadmap for the New Administration

Through roundtable dialogues with a range of experts we have developed a management roadmap for the next administration about critical management issues.

The Partnership and IBM

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