Onamé Thompson Press Secretary

Onamé Thompson spearheads all media relations efforts and helps raise awareness of the Partnership’s mission. Her passion for helping others began at the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, where she helped with the media execution of America’s Missing Broadcast Emergency Response (also known as the AMBER Plan) and Hurricane Katrina disaster relief. There, Onamé developed a great appreciation for our public servants in law enforcement and cyber-crimes as a communications coordinator. She later grew a profound respect for our nation’s military community as a senior entertainment communications manager at the USO, where she led PR efforts around the world for more than a decade and regularly worked alongside the White House Press Office, U.S. Department of Defense and hundreds of publicists, managers and celebrities, as well as corporate and media partners like Sesame Workshop and Universal Pictures. Onamé’s favorite public servant is Martin Luther King, Jr., who peacefully called for racial equality and helped unite America.