Tim Horne Senior Advisor

Tim Horne has joined the Center for Presidential Transition as a senior advisor to assist with efforts to support eligible presidential candidates and federal agencies in transition planning.  Prior to joining the Partnership, Tim spent 27 years at the General Services Administration, where he served in a variety of senior executive roles including one year as the acting administrator and as the federal transition coordinator for the 2016 election cycle. He brings a unique perspective regarding the planning necessary for a successful transition. His understanding of the challenges faced by agencies, eligible candidates and the office of the president elect bolsters the capabilities of the Center for Presidential Transition.

Tim’s favorite public servant is Justice Byron (Whizzer) White. Justice White served in World War II and served as the deputy attorney general. In addition, he was runner up for the 1937 Heisman Trophy and played in the NFL. Tim admires him because his commitment to service is a representation and personification of the best of the millions of dedicated public servants across the country.