Four tips to help you complete a self-assessment

By: Jeff O'Malley

Whether you are a leader, or aspiring to be one, ensure you are doing the best work for your team by taking the time to assess your strengths and weaknesses and reflect on your capabilities. Federal employees face new challenges as a result of COVID-19, making this a good time to do a self-assessment.

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Emergency preparedness tips from former U.S. Coast Guard commandant Thad Allen

The coronavirus pandemic is an unprecedented crisis for our nation, and it requires a federal government response. Retired Admiral Thad Allen shares his experiences with disaster preparedness in this week’s Transition Lab bonus episode.

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Communicating in a public health crisis

By: Samantha Donaldson

The coronavirus pandemic has led federal leaders to reexamine how they communicate. Samantha Donaldson, Partnership vice president of communications, highlights four tips to help federal leaders communicate effectively to both internal and external audiences.

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Teleworking 9 to 5: Tips for working from home

By: Cameron Kober

Agencies are increasingly asking their employees to work remotely in response to COVID-19, but many are not used to working from home on a regular basis. Discover three guidelines for teleworking to help you remain effective.

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