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Collaboration in action: How federal agencies work with local communities to create better health equity

The Health and Equity Collaborative, an initiative from the Department of Health and Human Services, meets regularly to create more equitable health policies, programs and practices in the western region. Commander Matthew C. Johns, the region’s health administrator, shares three lessons from the collaborative’s work that agencies can use to improve health equity and support underserved communities.

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Building state-federal partnerships in California during COVID-19

To respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, California has emphasized intergovernmental collaboration with the new California Federal Partners for COVID-19 task force. In just a few months, the group has helped build and strengthen communication and coordination between local, state and federal government leaders in the state.

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One lesson from the 2018 Sammies winners

Collaboration was a common theme among the 2018 Service to America Medals winners. Margaret Moeser from the Justice Department and Karen Dodge from the Federal Trade Commission teamed up to stop criminals from using Western Union’s money-transfer services to defraud consumers.

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