Agency Performance Dashboard

Agency Performance Dashboard

Reliable information on government performance helps federal leaders manage effectively and enables the public to hold those leaders accountable. Such insights—and the oversight they make possible—allow federal leaders, Congress, the media and outside stakeholders to understand what works in government, and to identify problems, find solutions, and spotlight trends and opportunities. When done well, this oversight fulfills an important and legitimate role in our democracy. 

Our Role 

Since its founding, the Partnership has worked to shed light on the way government works through flagship research initiatives such as the Best Places to Work in the Federal Government® rankings and the Political Appointee Tracker. These performance measures provide government with the resources and data insights it needs to serve the public effectively.  

Building on this foundation, we have developed a new Agency Performance Dashboard that features information about the operations, staffing and organizational health of 24 major federal agencies.  

Agency Performance Dashboard  

The Agency Performance Dashboard offers a critical snapshot of agency operations in an easily digestible visual format. Featured topics include personnel numbers, employee demographics, political appointments, employee engagement scores, information technology maturity and social media engagement. The Partnership will continue to seek additional insights that will tell a clearer story about agency performance. 

About half the data in the dashboard will be updated automatically daily. This process enables users to view data changes in real time. The rest of the data comes from FedScope, the Office of Personnel Management’s online tool that offers in-depth information about the federal workforce, and will be updated quarterly. Each data point also includes links to further resources that encourage users to dig further into an agency’s challenges and the means to address them. 

Overall, the Agency Performance Dashboard will provide the public, federal stakeholders, media members and others with a quick and comprehensive way to learn more about the government’s most critical agencies.  

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Header photo credit: NPS / Jacob W. Frank