The government is our nation’s most powerful means for addressing our national security, economic growth, the environment and virtually every other issue we face.

The Partnership for Public Service is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that strives for a more effective government for the American people.

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Partnership CEO Max Stier appears on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert

He was featured in a segment highlighting the importance of filling job vacancies in the understaffed federal government.

Politico: The Federal Exodus

Nonpartisan civil servants are leaving this administration in droves. Here’s why America needs them to stay.

Upcoming Programs

Excellence in Government Fellows Program

Prepares senior-level federal managers to become effective leaders capable of driving change in their agencies


Advancing HR Leaders Program

Empowers midlevel HR employees to increase their individual impact and influence on team and agency operations

Apply by June 1

Preparing to Lead

Prepares federal employees to take on leadership responsibilities and become more effective in their current roles

Apply by June 12

Partnership for Public Service Statement on the president's management agenda

The agenda will be critical to the success of his administration given the mounting and complex challenges facing our government, the speed with which change is taking place and the need to govern effectively.

Upcoming Programs

Excellence in Government Fellows Program

Prepares senior-level federal managers to become effective leaders capable of driving change in their agencies


Federal IT Leaders Program

Develop the leadership skills needed to manage IT complications and drive IT innovations within your agency


Leadership Excellence for Acquisition Professionals

Develops federal acquisition leaders that agencies need to spearhead cost-saving, performance-improving, innovation-driving efforts


Building a Culture of Engagement: Virtual Training Series

Helps frontline supervisors and managers use appreciation, communication and empowerment to engage employees

February 13-15

Federal Financial Leaders Program

Strengthens the management capabilities for financial professionals who aspire to lead effective public-sector financial teams

Apply by March 18

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Celebrating the 2017 Best Places to Work in the federal government

The annual Best Places to Work in the Federal Government® rankings measure the organizational health of our federal government. Discover which agencies are leading the way in improving government employee engagement.


The Future has Begun: Using Artificial Intelligence to Transform Agencies

AI has become commonplace in the commercial world. It also is starting to change how our government works—from serving vulnerable populations to helping prevent wildlife crime. Our first research brief on this topic details the experiences of four organizations exploring the potential of AI.

The Partnership and IBM Center for The Business of Government

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The Forward-Looking Inspector General

This report examines how IGs can contribute to agencies accomplishing their mission. By focusing as much on impact as they do on process, IGs can play a crucial role in helping government meet the needs of Americans. The new issue brief includes four key strategies IGs can use to move toward a more forward looking role.

The Partnership and Grant Thornton

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Mission Possible

How chief operating officers can make government more effective

This report is a blueprint for COOs as they work to make our government more responsive, effective and accountable to the American people.

The Partnership and Booz Allen Hamilton

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A Blueprint for Leading Lasting Technology Reforms in Government

Some government agencies use cutting-edge technology to deliver better services more efficiently at lower costs.But too often, limited funds are directed to maintain old technology systems rather than invest in new ones. This new report outlines concrete steps leaders can take to pursue ambitious—and vital—IT reforms.

The Partnership and Accenture

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A government shutdown means Congress has failed. Remember when this was something to avoid?

“Year after year, the inability of Congress to do its job has eroded the ability of federal agencies to make program, policy and management decisions.”

NBC News

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The U.S. has too many political appointees

“No other democracy has so many political jobs, such wholesale turnover at the start of a new administration or so many top-level positions that remain vacant for such long periods of time.”

Bloomberg View

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Post and Pursue

Improving Federal Hiring Using Data and Targeted Recruitment

To recruit top talent, agencies should use data, encourage collaboration between hiring managers and HR staff and rely on special hiring authorities. Learn how agencies can bring federal hiring into the 21st century in the Partnership for Public Service and LinkedIn's new issue brief.

The Partnership and LinkedIn

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