Introducing CapitolStrong

The Partnership is proud to join CapitolStrong, a coalition of civil society organizations working to strengthen and invest in the institution of Congress and the people who serve there. Together, we are fiercely committed to honoring and supporting public servants within the Capitol Hill community during this difficult time for our country.

Service to America Medals nominations close tonight

This year, federal employees stepped up to serve our country in unprecedented ways. Help us share the inspiring stories of exceptional public servants by nominating them for a 2021 Service to America Medals award.

Restoring stewardship

For the new administration and Congress to confront our biggest challenges, federal leaders across government must work as stewards of the public trust. Our resources aim to inspire a renewed faith in government, demonstrating the impact that civil servants can make when they take their oath of office seriously and act in the public interest.

State of Renewal: The Department of State Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

In our latest report, the Partnership for Public Service examined the Department of State’s internal challenges and identified strategies for overcoming them and opportunities to accelerate efforts already underway.

To recharge the country, Biden should give 1 million college students paid government internships

Max Stier and Eric Braverman, CEO of Schmidt Futures, explain how the Biden administration can initiate a new call to service that brings vital young talent into government.

Ready to Serve

Each presidential administration may fill up to 4,000 political appointment jobs to carry out the president’s agenda. Interested in serving as an appointee? Check out Ready to Serve, our centralized resource that guides candidates through every step of the political appointment process.

The Partnership for Public Service is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that strives for a more effective government for the American people. Here’s how we do it:

Leadership Development

We’ve reached over 15,000 federal employees across 75 agencies through our training programs, 98% of whom have applied program lessons to their job.

Government Modernization

We’ve worked with Congress on 43 pieces of legislation enacted on key federal management issues and helped develop the government’s first unified shared services management system.

Employee Engagement

We’ve given over 200 briefings using our Best Places to Work data and honored over 500 outstanding federal employees through our Service to America medals.

Latest News

Training Programs

Preparing to Lead

Federal Employees,GS-7-11

Preparing to Lead

Prepares federal employees to take on leadership responsibilities and become more effective in their current roles.

Apply by January 25
Gov21 | The 21st Century Government Innovation Program

Federal Employees,GS-14-15

Gov21 | The 21st Century Government Innovation Program

Prepares federal employees to tackle problems in innovative ways and become more effective in their roles.

Apply by January 15
Foundations in Public Service Leadership Program

Federal Employees,GS-12-13

Foundations in Public Service Leadership Program

Prepares federal employees to take on leadership responsibilities and become more effective.

Apply by January 29
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