Performance Measures

Performance Measures

The Partnership generates performance data, and reviews and incorporates data from myriad other sources, to track progress across government and help agencies and Congress improve their practices.  

We analyze federal surveys, track nominations of political appointees, convene customer experience experts and publish federal agency data for Congress to use. We also stay informed about leading government practices, share what we learn across government, and strive to hold government accountable.  

To help build a better government, we make our data, findings and recommendations available for agency leaders, members of Congress and the public. This wealth of performance data provides insight into how well agencies are functioning, where government can improve and what opportunities are available to help.  

We have ongoing research into trust in government to help us understand what creates a lack of trust in our government, federal institutions and political leadership. The results will lead to recommendations on how to rebuild trust in our central public institutions and our political leaders. 

Reliable information on government performance helps federal leaders manage effectively and enables the public to hold those leaders accountable.

The most comprehensive and authoritative assessment of employee engagement in the federal government.

Data analyses designed to shed light on key characteristics of the federal workforce.

The Partnership for Public Service and The Washington Post track nominees for roughly 800 critical leadership roles.

In 2020, we launched the Public Service Leadership 360 assessment to provide federal leaders with a reliable way to measure their leadership competencies.

Our Trust in Government Dashboard features the results of our nationally representative surveys on public attitudes toward government beyond the politics of the day and elected leaders in Washington, D.C., highlighting how people view federal agencies, services and employees.