Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Building a better government requires a comprehensive approach that tackles numerous challenges simultaneously.

We have identified eight main solutions that we believe are critical to improving the way our government works so that it can better serve the public. Learn more about these solutions below.

Our country needs a federal government that is capable of dealing with our current problems and those looming on the horizon. This requires rebuilding and revitalizing our government, and in our roadmap, we have identified four main areas that Congress and the administration need to prioritize: leadership and stewardship, the federal workforce, innovation and technology modernization, and collaboration.

We offer key insights, data and legislative recommendations to help Congress improve the operations and management of the executive branch, support and strengthen the federal civil service, and become more responsive to the diverse needs of our nation.

The public deserves user-friendly services from the federal government, whether it’s veterans who need health care, taxpayers who seek assistance from the IRS or college students who apply for financial aid. Our goal is to help the government earn the trust of its customers by meeting their needs and expectations.

Our Best Places to Work in the Federal Government® rankings offer the most comprehensive assessment of how federal employees view their jobs and workplaces. We also provide valuable training sessions and other custom employee engagement offerings to help agencies better support the federal workforce.

We conduct research and engage with the innovation community to help agencies find new and creative ways to address big challenges, better understand how leaders use emerging technologies to improve government performance, and outline strategies aimed at more effectively recruiting and hiring qualified technology experts.

We help federal employees become more effective leaders by offering them leadership training and continual opportunities to collaborate and network within government and across sectors. By developing the skills and abilities of federal leaders at all levels and providing forums for them to discuss shared challenges and solutions, the Partnership helps leaders become agents of change within their own agencies and across government.

Our Center for Presidential Transition® is the nation’s premier nonpartisan resource for presidential candidates and their teams as they prepare for a new administration or a president’s second term. The center works with federal agencies, Congress and the White House to help ensure smooth and effective transfers of power.

We celebrate, honor and recognize exceptional public servants to illustrate the many ways they protect our health, safety and well-being, to reignite public trust in government and highlight the critical role it plays in our democracy, and to inspire people to join the federal workforce.

We help government address critical talent gaps by advocating for policies that improve the hiring process, developing internship, fellowship and talent exchange programs that inspire people to public service, and helping agencies design and implement new recruitment and retention strategies.

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