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Why we can’t afford another government shutdown

Shutdowns and continuing resolutions hurt the people this country serves, yet they have become far too common. Partnership Executive Vice President James-Christian Blockwood discusses the harmful effects of shutdowns on critical work , such as strategic planning, and shares solutions to avoiding future shutdowns.

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How can Congress help prevent future pandemics?

As the U.S continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, legislators have introduced bills that would establish a bipartisan commission to investigate the pandemic and the national response. Should a commission be established, it must acknowledge how federal management issues affected the nation’s response.

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Tell your representative to protect our merit-based civil service

The president recently signed an executive order that undermines competitive civil service requirements and could replace tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of career civil servants with officials who essentially act as political appointees. Send a letter through the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association to tell Congress to protect our merit-based civil service by opposing this order in their next funding bill.

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