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Providing a secure cloud for agency applications

To safeguard people’s personal information and the systems we rely on, agencies must adopt a security-first mindset. At a recent event hosted by the Partnership and the IBM Center for The Business of Government, three federal leaders shared insights to help agencies achieve this organizational change.

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The 3 stages of cloud adoption

Cloud computing—or the use of remote servers and services hosted on the internet—is rapidly becoming the norm for information technology in the federal government. The Partnership and the IBM Center for The Business of Government convened three federal IT experts to share tips to help agencies adopt cloud platforms.

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Strategic cybersecurity communications: A balancing act

Catherine Sabas, who works in information and security services at the Bureau of the Fiscal Service, explores why information sharing is crucial to any cybersecurity program. She also discusses the benefits of working in an everchanging environment and offers advice for people interested in cybersecurity careers in the federal government.

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