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White House launches artificial intelligence information portal

Passed this year, the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Act aims to connect and coordinate federal agencies’ AI work to ensure the United States remains a leader in using this groundbreaking technology. We look back at the Partnership’s research reports on AI in federal, state and local governments to examine how public servants can better use AI in their work.

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Three lessons governments learned using technology during COVID-19

Federal, state and local government used technology to continue delivering services during the coronavirus pandemic. At a report release event for “Bit by Bit: How Governments Used Technology to Move the Mission Forward During COVID-19,” federal and nonprofit technology specialists highlighted three lessons government has learned about using technology to deliver results during the pandemic.

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The Sammies Series: Q&A with MITRE and finalist David Gray

2020 Service to America Medals finalist David Gray, acting group manager for Communications, Information, and Networking Programs at the Federal Aviation Administration, spoke with MITRE’s Dennis Sawyer, managing director of national airspace system evolution and system engineering, about his work transforming aviation radar systems.

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