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A hub for presidential transitions

September 14, 2021 | Updated on October 6, 2021

The Center for Presidential Transition® launches, immediately becoming the premier nonpartisan resource for presidential candidates and their teams as they prepare to begin a new administration or a president’s second term. Soon after its founding, the center creates a first-of-its-kind political appointee tracker with The Washington Post to chart the status of Senate-confirmed appointees and hold administrations and Congress accountable for filling critical positions.

“When I served as White House chief of staff, there was no playbook for presidential transitions. The Center has effectively filled that void by identifying best practices and providing critically needed support to a broad array of stakeholders.” –Josh Bolten, former chief of staff for President George W. Bush

“We couldn’t walk into the White House on Jan. 21 and say, ‘What are we going to do?’ Starting the transition process early was critical—and the Center helped us do it.” –Melody Barnes, former director of the White House Domestic Policy Council under President Obama

“The Partnership for Public Service, over the past decade, has become perhaps the world’s expert on U.S. presidential transitions.”—Michael Lewis, Vanity Fair