Why you should apply to the Mission Support Leadership Program
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Why you should apply to the Mission Support Leadership Program

February 15, 2023 | Updated on February 22, 2023
Keyonna Murray

If you are a forward-thinking and innovative acquisitions, HR, financial management or IT employee working at the GS-12 to GS-14 level, the Partnership’s Mission Support Leadership Program may be right for you.

Focusing on the core tenets of our Public Service Leadership Model, the program helps professionals in mission-support roles make a positive impact at their agency and develop as leaders.

Recently, the Partnership sat down with a few program alumni on LinkedIn Live to discuss the benefits of this leadership training opportunity. Featured participants included:

  • Lance Hitt, Labor Relations Supervisor, Bureau of Fiscal Service.
  • Shiela Verges-Osuna, Employee Engagement Section Chief, National Institute of Health.
  • Daria Lee, HR Specialist, Staff Acquisition Group within the Office of Personnel Management.

A real-world opportunity for mission support professionals

One positive aspect of the program noted by all the participants was the applicable nature of the curriculum. Lance Hitt offered insight into how his experience helped him make a difference in his primary role at his agency.

“The project that my team came up with, I went and pitched that to the director of my division, and it’s being adopted and I’m the project leader on that,” he said.

Other panelists echoed this idea, noting that every component of the course—from the sessions to the collaborative project work—provided valuable lessons that remain a defining aspect of their experience.

“I told the team [that] every time we’re in the office, we’re going to have a goal,” Verges-Osuna said, referring to her first in-office interaction with her team. “Now I’m very mindful—every time there’s change coming, I have to be mindful about that transition from one phase to another.”

The program is also designed to be hybrid, which allows attendees to attend sessions either in person or remotely. All three participants said that, despite the virtual structure, the program managed to be engaging and rewarding.

“I’ll be honest—I was dreading a program like this being virtual,” Lee said, adding that she was “surprised at how interactive [the program leads] made it.”

In short, the Mission Support Leadership Program helps federal employees working in a variety of roles gain valuable tools that strengthen their leadership of organizations and teams. Applications are currently open for the spring 2023 cohort. Apply today!

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Keyonna Murray is an intern on the Partnership’s Communications team.

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