Public servants get the Netflix treatment  

Public servants get the Hollywood treatment in “The G Word with Adam Conover,” a newly released docuseries from Netflix and Higher Ground Productions, a company founded by former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama. The comedy series is based on “The Fifth Risk” by bestselling author Michael Lewis. 

The limited series, hosted by Adam Conover of “Adam Ruins Everything,” explores our government’s triumphs, failures and how we might be able to change it, as well as the role that public servants play in making our country safer and stronger.  

At a time when just four in 10 Americans say they trust the federal government to do what is right at least some of the time, the series shows that our nation’s public servants are not just the elected or appointed political officials you see on the news, but rather a large group of federal workers—from agricultural scientists and health researchers to weather forecasters and national security experts—who work behind the scenes to improve our lives for the better.           


Need for talent in government 

Despite the important role federal employees play in our country, government has for too long struggled to recruit and retain the talent it needs to succeed. Unfortunately, young federal employees are an endangered species. Just over 7% of all permanent, full-time federal employees are under the age of 30, compared to nearly 20% of all private sector employees.  

Careers in public service are individually rewarding, while offering the opportunity to play a part in the greater good. Public service careers allow you to work on issues that matter and to make a difference in the country and the world. Without public servants, we will not be able to tackle our country’s most pressing challenges now and in the future. Public servants directly impact peoples’ lives for the better.  

Whatever your education, experience or interests may be, there is a place for you in the federal government. Learn more about opportunities and the federal hiring process at

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  • Whatever your education, experience or interests may be, there is a place for you in the federal government. Learn more about opportunities and the federal hiring process at  
  • GoGovernment is the premier resource to learn about working in government. No matter your level of experience, this website is a beneficial tool to help you consider, apply for and secure a career in the federal government.
  • Interested in working for the federal government? Check out GoGovernment, a valuable resource for starting your public service career. The site has helpful videos—like the two below, featuring @USAID‘s Nikki Tyler and @StateDept‘s Sangi Ranadeeve, two young public servants who want to make a difference.

Learn more about incredible public servants 

The public servants featured in the series are just a sample of the exceptional federal workers who are breaking down barriers, overcoming huge challenges and getting results. Whether they’re defending the homeland, protecting the environment, ensuring public safety, making scientific and medical discoveries, or responding to natural and human-made disasters, public servants put service before self and make a lasting difference. 

Want to be inspired? Meet the incredible Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medals® finalists, and stay tuned for the announcement of the 2023 finalists in May.

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