Engagement Services

Engagement Services


While we recommend agencies take advantage of each of our four major offerings, we also provide select services based on your agency’s individual needs. For more information, please contact us.

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Engagement Services

We offer several types of services to help agencies engage their employees more effectively:

Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey and qualitative data analysis

The annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey provides agencies with a wealth of knowledge about their employees’ concerns. However, the survey doesn’t offer solutions for addressing these concerns.

We have studied and analyzed the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey for years as part of our Best Places to Work in the Federal Government® rankings, helping agencies identify themes and trends that exist in their data. We also examine the unique experiences of employees based on different demographics, occupations, GS-levels and lengths of employment to better address their specific issues.

To fully illustrate employee challenges, our team has also worked with a diverse array of agencies to gather qualitative data through focus groups, pulse surveys and individual interviews. We will work with your team to identify the appropriate number of discussions, participants, themes and processes to ensure employees feel comfortable to speak freely and anonymously.

Developing leadership priorities

Each year, our Best Places to Work rankings indicate that leadership is a critical driver of employee engagement. Leaders play an essential role in identifying and designing organizationwide plans to address persistent engagement issues.

Our team convenes agency leaders for retreats and workshops that aim to support this work. We use quantitative and qualitative data to facilitate conversations that drive teams to action and work with leaders to establish norms and accountability mechanisms that ensure their plans are implemented. Session length and frequency can be adjusted to meet the needs of your team.

Creating action plans

Our team convenes a combination of leaders, supervisors and employees to create action plans for team- or office-specific goals.

These workshops build off leadership priorities while also allowing individual units the flexibility to address challenges they identify at their level. Our workshops use the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey and qualitative data to help participants identify priorities they plan to address throughout the year in conjunction with leadership. Participants uncover the root causes of their challenges, create clear outcomes they hope to achieve and brainstorm key initiatives to integrate into their action plans.

Consulting and implementation

Agencies need to establish a strong infrastructure to implement their plans, communicate their initiatives internally and evaluate successes. The Partnership is available to support these efforts.

Our services include:

  • Providing feedback on action plans before they get implemented.
  • Creating an internal communications plan.
  • Administering and analyzing pulse surveys.
  • Conducting program evaluation.

Additionally, we create cohorts of employees called Engagement Ambassadors to carry out these tasks over the long term. These individuals are essential to ensure that each team implements their action plans and manages change in a way that guarantees sustainable success—long after our services end.

Employee Engagement Research

Thumbnail for The Good Government Connection: Linking the Employee and Customer Experiences
The Good Government Connection: Linking the Employee and Customer Experiences
Linking the Federal Employee and Customer Experiences
Federal employee experience and customer experience are intertwined, and the connection between the two is particularly important now with agencies implementing historic investments in communities around the country through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, Inflation Reduction Act, and CHIPS and Science Act. This report highlights six strategies for how supervisors, midlevel managers, members of the Senior Executive Service and political appointees can improve the experience of their teams in ways that can lead to better experiences for federal customers. It also identifies four challenges to connecting the employee experience to the customer experience and offers recommendations for overcoming them.
Thumbnail for Leading Together: An Exploration of the Relationship Between Leadership Type and Employee Engagement

One of the most critical elements of employee engagement is leadership. This exploratory analysis by the Partnership for Public Service’s Center for Presidential Transition® and Boston Consulting Group examined whether there is any difference in federal employee engagement if agency subcomponents are led by political appointees or by members of the career Senior Executive Service.

Thumbnail for 15 Editions of Best Places to Work

Our anniversary report, produced in collaboration with Boston Consulting Group, reflects on both the opportunities and requirements for the next era of federal employee engagement.

Thumbnail for Engaging a Remote Workforce

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many federal employees have transitioned to full-time remote work for the first time in their careers. In this issue brief, the Partnership for Public Service and Boston Consulting Group identified several ways that agencies can engage their employees as they continue to work away from the office.

Thumbnail for Beyond the Beltway: How Federal Leaders Can Engage Employees Working Across the Nation

In “Beyond the Beltway: How Federal Leaders Can Engage Employees Working Across the Nation,” the Partnership for Public Service and Boston Consulting Group explore what federal leaders can do to engage employees working away from agency headquarters.

Thumbnail for A Prescription for Better Performance: Engaging Employees at VA Medical Centers
How does employee engagement affect agency performance in the federal government? That’s what the Partnership for Public Service and Boston Consulting Group set out to understand in “A Prescription for Better Performance: Engaging Employees at VA Medical Centers.” We analyzed data over a three-year period from nearly 150 medical centers operated by the Department of…

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