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Federal Hiring


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Federal Hiring

Competition for top candidates and a broken federal hiring process has made it challenging for agencies to recruit and hire the talent they need to ensure our government works as effectively as it could.  

We help agencies address these talent gaps by:

  • Advocating for better policy.
  • Developing new hiring and recruitment strategies.
  • Educating students, faculty, career services professionals and job seekers about federal opportunities.
  • Managing internship and fellowship programs that inspire young people to a career in government.

In all, we work to remove the barriers that obstruct candidates at all experience levels from entering public service. 

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Thumbnail for Cybersecurity Talent Initiative

A selective cross-sector program that provides job opportunities for students in cybersecurity-related fields.

Thumbnail for Future Leaders in Public Service Internship Program

A 10-12-week paid summer internship at a federal agency for eligible undergraduate and graduate students.

Thumbnail for Go Government

A comprehensive website that helps job seekers find and apply for positions in the federal government while educating users about federal job opportunities and public service careers.

Thumbnail for Intergovernmental Personnel Act Hiring and Placement

A federal hiring authority that temporarily places professionals working outside the public sector, or in state, local or tribal government, in federal agencies to fill critical talent needs.

Talent Acquisition Services

The Partnership works with agencies to develop custom programs ranging from half-day workshops to months-long engagements that meet specific sourcing, recruiting and hiring needs. Our approach draws on our experiences working with multiple agencies and hundreds of leaders across the federal government.  

Work with us to design custom sessions to explore topics such as HR and hiring manager collaboration, strategic recruitment, and the use of innovative hiring authorities. We can customize sessions for HR and hiring managers, Pathways Program officers or agency recruiters. 

For more information about our custom programs, contact Michelle Amante at MAmante@ourpublicservice.org

Research and Resources

Thumbnail for Strategic Recruitment Plan template

This strategic recruitment plan serves as both a recruitment guide and project management template to help agencies proactively identify resources, schedule events, and align efforts across functions.

Thumbnail for Opening Doors, Building Ladders: How Federal Agencies Can Hire and Retain Californians Who Do Not Have a Four-year Degree

California has the highest number of federal employees outside the Washington, D.C. area, but agencies in the state still face challenges in attracting quality young talent. To address this issue, the Partnership and the James Irvine Foundation wrote a report examining how federal agencies in California can strengthen their talent pipelines by recruiting, hiring and retaining job seekers without a four-year degree.

Thumbnail for Talent Acquisition Quick Tips

Amid the response to COVID-19, federal agencies are moving quickly to fill the jobs needed to address new and emerging challenges. In Spring 2020, the Partnership hosted two recruiting and hiring sessions to support agencies as they sought to rapidly fill mission critical roles. This guide captures strategies and insights shared by experts at those sessions—many of which are relevant to hiring amid the pandemic and in normal operations.

Thumbnail for Rapid Reinforcements: Strategies for Federal Surge Hiring

Certain challenges– such as national emergencies, large-scale attrition, new mission requirements and the need for new talent– require federal agencies to rapidly grow their workforce. With support from the Democracy Fund, the Partnership for Public Service identified the most effective and widely applicable strategies for surge hiring.

Thumbnail for A Time for Talent: Improving Federal Recruiting and Hiring

To deliver for the American people and competently respond to crises, the government must recruit and hire a world-class workforce. Yet the federal recruiting and hiring process is in drastic need of repair.

In this report, the Partnership for Public Service outlines practical steps agencies can take to attract mission-critical talent while working within an existing system that is saddled by many cumbersome and complex rules and procedures.