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Alliance for Congress releases statement on latest Modernization Committee recommendations

December 8, 2021

Modernization Committee passes their latest set of recommendations focused on civility, collaboration, and effective policymaking. 

WASHINGTON – The Alliance for Congress, an initiative of the nonpartisan, nonprofit Partnership for Public Service dedicated to helping Congress work more effectively, today released the following statement following the House Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress’ vote to approve 25 out of 26 of their latest recommendations to help Congress better serve the public. 

“While the challenges that Congress faces are great, the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress continues to lay the groundwork for a stronger, healthier, and more effective institution,” said Jeff McNichols, director of the Alliance for Congress

“Promoting collaboration and civility through new programs such as the Congressional Leadership and Staff Academies, enhancing Congressional support services, and focusing on evidence-based policymaking are all critically important to help Members of Congress perform their jobs effectively. With a swelling partisan divide between members and dwindling public trust in the institution, this set of recommendations is more crucial than ever.

“The Alliance for Congress applauds the work of the Modernization Committee as well as the expert voices and civil society organizations who informed these latest recommendations. These targeted interventions will incentivize collaboration, improve lawmakers’ ability to pass solution-driven and evidence-based legislation, and help Congress come together on behalf of our diverse nation. We urge their swift implementation.”

The Alliance for Congress was a nonpartisan initiative that strived to build a Congress that earned the public trust by more effectively listening, leading and legislating, as well as helping the institution invest in its own capacity to tackle big issues and serve the public good.