Leading Innovation in Government
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Leading Innovation in Government

March 10, 2011

The nation’s economic woes have forced organizations—both private and public—to do more with fewer resources. But how can you make cuts without impacting the product or services you deliver to the American people? You can’t—unless you also find innovative ways of doing business.

In our work with federal employees across government, we regularly observe a set of federal leaders who foster innovation in spite of the barriers inherent in government. In this report, the Partnership for Public Service and Hay Group set out to understand what these leaders have in common that allow them to build climates of innovation and deliver results when others have stalled. Our analysis revealed that these leaders—who differ in background, discipline and challenges—refuse to be stopped by the obstacles put in their path. They also share a varied combination of nine attributes—values, motivations and associated behaviors—that allow them to cultivate innovation in government.

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