SES Resume-Based Hiring Workbook
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SES Resume-Based Hiring Workbook

March 26, 2012

The Partnership for Public Service developed this resume-based hiring workbook as the result of a pilot effort to identify best practices for implementing a resume-based approach to hiring talent for the SES. Seven agencies, including the Departments of Labor, State, Housing and Urban Development, Agriculture and Education, as well as the General Services Administration and Small Business Administration, working in collaboration with the Partnership and OPM, participated in the pilot. The workbook is intended to help Executive Resources (ER) and hiring officials better understand the benefits of resume-based hiring and how to implement it effectively. Containing suggestions and best practices with ready-to-use tools and templates, the workbook serves as a guide; your agency may have additional steps or processes that are required. Agencies should feel free to adapt the steps to fit additional requirements imposed by the Executive Resources Board (ERB), agency leadership or agency policies.


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