Where the Jobs Are 2007: Mission Critical Opportunities for America
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Where the Jobs Are 2007: Mission Critical Opportunities for America

July 3, 2007

Over the next two years, our largest federal agencies project that they will hire nearly 193,000 new workers for “mission-critical” jobs. While there are other federal jobs that will be filled during this time, including those in clerical and support positions, the jobs listed in this report constitute the bulk of our federal government’s hiring needs. These jobs cover almost every occupational field, will be available across the country and all of them advance the interests of the American people. This report confirms that no matter what your area of expertise, or where you live, if you are looking for a job where you can develop your professional skills and make a difference in the lives of others, the federal government has a job for you.

In addition to sorting projected hires by occupational field, this report includes agency-by-agency hiring projections. It also provides background information for each agency, as well as information about hiring incentives such as student loan repayment, special internships and scholarships some agencies are using. The appendices include tips on how to obtain a federal job.

Job seekers can use this report to identify what kinds of jobs will be available in their areas of expertise and what they need to do to land these jobs. Federal managers can use it to gain a better understanding of their recruiting challenges. And policy makers can use it to identify which talent gaps must be filled to ensure our government can effectively serve the American people.

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