EIG Fall 2019–2020 Cohort Graduation

EIG Fall 2019–2020 Cohort Graduation

Excellence in Government Fellows graduating from the Fall 2019–2020 program reflect on their biggest takeaways and most memorable moments from EIG, as well as describing how the program has made them a better leader. Featured fellows:

0:01 – Ryan Rodriguez, Department of State
0:11 – Ky Gibbs, Securities and Exchange Commission
0:15 – Sean Williamson, Department of Energy
0:20 – Melanie Biscoe, Environmental Protection Agency
0:25 – Tiffany Hooper, Department of Agriculture
0:30 – Dan Fody, Department of State
0:36 – Benjamin Bryan, U.S. Agency for International Development
0:40 – Cheryl Greene, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
1:19 – Brenda Yette, Department of Education
4:24 – Faye Barnouw, Federal Trade Commission
5:42 – Seong Kim, Federal Emergency Management Agency