A letter from the Partnership’s chairman: Join me in celebrating public servants
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A letter from the Partnership’s chairman: Join me in celebrating public servants

May 6, 2020 | Updated on March 12, 2022

This is a very special week. It is the one time we give thanks to a specific group of people, a group we normally don’t think about because their work is often behind the scenes. I’m referring to the federal employees who tackle infectious diseases, protect us from foreign adversaries, ensure that our air and water are clean, protect the safety of our food supply and do much, much more.

We are in the middle of Public Service Recognition Week, and as my friend and colleague Max Stier, the Partnership’s President and CEO, said: “Good government starts with good people, and those people should be honored for their service.”

Today, I ask you to join Max and me in celebrating Public Service Recognition Week and honoring the federal workforce that works tirelessly for causes greater than themselves. As the chairman of the Partnership’s board of directors, I am grateful and humbled to learn about the incredible things our federal workforce is doing, and that is truer than ever now, as many of them work relentlessly to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

This year, while we may not be able to shake the hand of a TSA officer who is ensuring our skies are safe to fly or cheer on the infectious disease specialists working to create a vaccine for COVID-19, we still have numerous ways to show our appreciation, and I encourage you to visit our site to see how you can show your gratitude.

A special part of this week was Sunday’s announcement  of the finalists for the Samuel J. Heyman Service to America medals, also referred to as the Sammies, which recognize the superior service and accomplishments of federal employees. I encourage you to visit the Sammies website to learn more about the incredible work the finalists have done, and I think you’ll agree that all of them are examples of the phenomenal talent and dedication to public good that lies within the ranks of our civil service.

Joining you in celebration,
Tom A. Bernstein
Chairman, Partnership for Public Service