Public Service Recognition Week

Public Service Recognition Week

Public Service Recognition Week is celebrated the first week of May since 1985 (beginning on the first Sunday of the month) to honor the people who serve our nation as federal, state, county, local and tribal government employees.

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Tune in to the Profiles in Public Service podcast, which shares compelling stories about the public servant leaders driving government’s most important accomplishments and impacting communities across the country.

Sammies finalists show how we can build trust in government

Service to America Medals

Our 2024 finalists will be announced Sunday, May 5th. Learn more about the program, register for updates and read the stories of our honorees

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Go Government

Explore the federal hiring process 

This site is designed to be your guide as you consider, apply, and secure federal employment. We’ll help you research federal agencies and government careers as well as provide practical tips for completing your application.

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Five Stories of Public Service

Every other Wednesday, our new newsletter will share five stories that highlight the ways in which civil servants working in cities and towns across the country are keeping us safe, healthy and prosperous.


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#GovPossible Campaign

Do you know a team of public servants or an individual who has done exceptional work this past year? Have they made the impossible possible? The team invites you to celebrate PSRW by sharing what public servants do each day to make things #GovPossible!  

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FEB Award Winners 2024

The Federal Executive Boards (FEBs) are the cornerstone of Federal presence across the United States. Currently organized into 26 boards, across four regions, with plans for expansion, they form a bridge between Washington, DC and local Federal communities.  

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Call to Serve

Our Call to Serve Network—the only national system that collaborates with both federal agencies and hundreds of higher education institutions—works to promote federal service and recruit the next generation of public servants.

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Message for Trust Tip Sheet

Read about the eight ways federal agencies can communicate more effectively to build greater trust in government.

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“While making an impact within public service is often a marathon and not a sprint, knowing that my work makes a difference is something I value tremendously. While it may not be glamorous to ensure publicly funded programs are correctly managed and taxpayer money is handled correctly, it comes with a tremendous sense of duty I have not experienced in the private sector.”

Kyle B., GSA

“Public service is important to me because I like helping people, especially those who may be at greater risk to physical or environmental hazards. I also find it important to be a voice for that which can’t speak up for itself – namely the natural environment: plants, trees, rivers, lakes and animals of all kind.”

Bryan F., EPA

“I worked for years in the private sector, and I was never satisfied; although, I was well paid. My country is important to me, and public service allows me to join the fight to keep our country and the Constitution alive!”

Amy M., DOD

“I believe it is very important to take care of the people not only in our country, but also in the communities in which we live. I think if it were not for our public service personnel, this country wouldn’t be able to continue to function and go on as it has during this crisis and every crisis that has occurred before it.”

Sonsauray D., IRS


Public Service Recognition Week is hosted annually by the Public Employees Roundtable and its member organizations.